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I recently had issues with sort by title in Favorites view, despite the fact that all my titles and filenames were correctly aligned, I concluded that Infuse keeps getting the movie titles from the Internet even though I have set it to use Local Metadata.

Infuse correctly uses local metadata and gets information from the nfo/xml files, but when it comes to the movie title to use for sorting, instead of retrieving it from the field, or field, it keeps getting it from TMDB and so gets a title that sometimes will not be correctly sorted on display.

This is particularly true for movie collections, where I like to have the movies sorted on display as for example “Star Wars 1”, followed by “Star Wars 2” etc.
So I create the field in te xml with “Star Wars 1” and “Star Wars 2”. To be safe, I also use with “Star Wars 1 - The Phantom Menace” and “Star Wars 2 - Attack of the Clones” in the nfo/xml files.

Now, if TMDB returns for example only “The Phantom Menace” as a title for the 1st movie and “Attack of the Clones” for the second, and if Infuse uses TMDB for sorting by title, these will never be sorted correctly on display.

So my suggestion is : if the user selects “Local Metadata” and “sort by title”, Infuse should :

  • sort according to the field present in the xml/nfo (while displaying on screen the title contained in the field of the xml/nfo)
  • if field is not present, Infuse should use the field as the movie title for sorting and displaying
  • If none of these is present, only then should Infuse get the sort title from TMDB.

Hoping my point is clear enough despite this long post :wink:

@James, does it make sense to you ?


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Hi there,
I have been using Infuse for a few years now and I love it.
There is an area that could, in my opinion, be improved though, and it is how it handles foreign movies (poster, title, summary…) when you want your library in 2 or more languages.
I have partly resolved that by using .nfo files and importing the metadata in Infuse, and I use tinyMediaManager for that. But I realized that unfortunately, Infuse does not use the tag/field SortTitle available.
Would it be possible to change that please?


Any plans to begin providing support for sorttitle tag in local .nfo files?

Please and thank you! @james

I would like to see an option to specify a different sort order for an item.

As an example, the Harry Potter series when listed alphabetically puts them all in the incorrect chronological order.

Just an option to tell it how it should be sorted. It would default to alphabetical but you could change it if required in the meta data.

e.g. the name of the movie would be “Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone” but you could enter a sort order of “Harry Potter 1”.

I would love to see this feature in both iOS and the new version for the 4th gen Apple TV.

Even a “sort by filename option” option would suffice, but would be far less elegant a solution.




I would love to see this also! This is probably my biggest issue. Thanks.


Yes please.

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+1. Would make browsing large collections like Bond less cumbersome.

I seem to have remedied this by turning sorting by filename on. My moves are indeed named ‘Harry Potter 1 - …’ and so one.

Good luck.

If you ever used Kodi’s group function, it groups like videos/movies in the correct order (i.e. - Star Wars, Harry Potter, Mission Impossible, etc.). It’s a great feature that I hope Infuse could adopt.

Stil in infuse 5, sorting videos is a mess. However I use by “name”, “date” or “title”. The result gives not a meaning.
What date is úsed for “sortorder by date” function? Which metadata is it referring? Where can I change this date?

I only use Itunes for managing my videos and infuse for watchin them on my iphone / ipad.
My wish would be sort by date “video added” like in itunes. There had been already promised better sort functions in 4.x but still nothin happened.

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@james updated the status to “In-Progress!”


Thank you!

My life has all but blown up and appears to be rapidly running down its last weeks; I’ve lost my place and been living in my car for the past two months and will likely soon lose it, too … and I didn’t have internet at home for the several months before that … so I’m long past the days of being able to relax on my awesome couch in front of my awesome TV in my awesome apartment while browsing my awesome collection (which I’d completely overhauled to play nice with the awesome Infuse app) for something awesome to watch … (though I seldom ever did actually watch anything … the process of collecting and organizing and browsing the results was, at least in itself, soothing while everything else was falling apart) …

But hey, the announcement that this feature is upcoming in perhaps even the very next update really excites me! One of my most long-desired upgrades to Infuse … even if I’ll only get to enjoy it in my virtual headspace … it’s a wonderful thing.

Thank you! Can’t wait to “see” this support implemented!

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Hi there! I’m a new user, so please forgive me if I missed something somewhere.

Anyway, this topic is currently pretty important to me, for I’ve just imported a large movie collection (thousands of movies; source direct NAS, no server — for diverse reasons, I’ve trashed Plex lately), and found a number of sorting problems:

  • there are movies whose name is quoted, e.g., „Marečku, podejte mi pero!“ (1976) — The Movie Database (TMDB). Should be ordered ignoring the quotes under M as Marecku…; instead, it’s shown at the very beginning, self-evidently due to the quote mark;
  • looks like a comma is considered a sortable character, thus, e.g., “Muž z Laramie” goes before “Muž, který…“ The opposite should apply.

I might be wrong, but I believe the one most flexible solution would be simply to allow the user to set up a (possibly, for simplicity, just plain-ASCII, though UTF should work just as well) sort title, which often would differ from the displayed accented and quoted and whatsnot title. There should be a way to set this up a file in a similar manner a user-defined artwork is added, for adding the sort titles through some kind of a GUI directly to the metadata database would be lots of work and can’t be automated using a script.

Note please that due to the aforementioned problems, these customised sort titles need to work regardless of the metadata source — for NFO and for online metadata just as well.

If that’s what you are working on, great and I am really looking forward to! Thanks a lot.

If your approach differs from what’s outlined above, do please consider whether it would cover the aforementioned cases (at least).

(Originally, I’ve mentioned also that Infuse should use the standard “Finder-like” ordering. Meantime I’ve found it actually does; for some reason the computer I’ve used before does not order properly, not even when I test it myself explicitly using localizedStandardCompare:, thus, sorry for the confusion.)

Infuse now supports the <sorttitle> tag in today’s 7.6.2 update, which allows for setting a second title to use for sorting which does not appear in the UI.

Details for using this can be found in the sample NFO file at the end of this guide.

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This is the second of my biggest original Infuse pet peeves to be knocked off the list in as many years. Who says my time here has been wasted?! :crazy_face:


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