Sort order in playlists

I’m scratching my head here as I can’t quite work out how Infuse is deciding to sort movies within my playlists. My chosen Sort Order in Settings is Release Date, but this is not reflected in the playlists I create. It’s not Alphabetical either. Anyone got some wisdom to share ?

I haven’t experimented much with playlists but could it be that it displays in the order added?

Yes, order added.

You can manually re-order items in a play list.

Long select on an item in a play list and select Move and the use arrow keys to move it to required position and the press select.


With so many ways to auto sort and smart playlist, it hard to believe that someone still only has manual sort.
Infuse does so much right but they still do things wrong. Manual anything today is old school. We love our automation.

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I see where your coming from but for a list that you are assembling from a range of sources and it is a “Playlist” I think that most would want to play them in the order they add them not have an automatic list. The option to rearrange them manually seems appropriate IMHO.

Acknowledge your point, I however give credit to the devs at Infuse who spend more time on the substance of Infuse which is media playback with no backend server functionality (for now), if i had to chose between library management and media playback, the latter would win out, no doubt. So I echo @NC_Bullseye sentiments (for now).

I however have a lot of faith in its evolution in V7 iterations, I am hopeful that a lot more focus will be given to library and metadata management.

Thanks. I’m trying to create a couple of customised collections, in this case DC Universe movies, and it was confusing the hell out of me. Whilst i understand that playlists are curated and you would normally want them in a specific order, it makes it that bit harder to use them for customised collections.

The iOS version of Infuse allows me to press a movie poster and drag it into the exact position I want. Nice when you discover functionality that you didn’t know Infuse had.

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