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Using Plex collections with movies. I’m trying to get e.g. my Star Wars movies in timeline order.

I have the main library in title order. In plex I changed the sort names of the SW movies to “Star Wars A”, “Star Wars B”… . etc. and chose to sort them alphabetically.

But infuse is still showing them in chronological order as they were released.

Is there any way I can get Infuse to “respect” the sorting order I made in the collection in Plex?



You could create a playlist in the order you want.

set your plex collection to alphabetical sorting. that should do the trick and works for me.

duh, just checked it myself. it is broken (again).

@james: You guys fixed the sort order functionality for PLEX collections in Infuse with 6.6.

Running 7.0.5 I just realized that this doesn’t work any longer

Here’s the link to the initial case:

Kind of a bummer; did sth. change logic-wise on the PLEX side of things? Looks like a pretty simple function. Shouldn’t be too tricky to maintain during upcoming releases, I reckon.

Anyhow, help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a bunch!

@james: It‘s probably a busy time due to the Infuse 7.1 release - thanks for the update by the way! :slight_smile:

Any chance you can have a look at this soon?

It is particularly annoying since you did fix it before.

Hope you can fix it again - perhaps permanently this time :wink:

Thanks man!

Hello @james,

any news on this topic?

Since Infuse 7.3 is going to bring some changes to collections (No Collection in Movies with Plex Database - #13 by james), could you please consider fixing this issue with the sorting order?

Would be great to hear something from you regarding this topic.


Is this affecting all collections or just a few?

I don’t think we’ve seen widespread reports of this here.

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Hi @james,

it does affect all collections where the default sorting order (within PLEX) is not the release date.

PLEX collections are sorted by release date by default.

You can then choose to sort your collection by title (PLEX uses the “sort title” field!).

Third option would be to sort your PLEX collection manually by just re-ordering them any way you want (drag ‘n’ drop).

It is ultimately defined by the setting you choose for each collection in PLEX:

I tried (again) on all platforms:

  • iOS (DID WORK some time ago) Result: Collections sorted by release date (PLEX collection order is not considered)

  • iPadOS Result: Collections sorted by release date (PLEX collection order is not considered)

  • macOS Result: Collections sorted by release date (PLEX collection order is not considered)

  • tvOS (DID WORK w/ Infuse 6.5) Result: Collections sorted by release date (PLEX collection order is not considered)

As mentioned before: It did work for iOS, then you thankfully made it work for tvOS with Infuse 6.5 (see: Plex Collection sort order support - #7 by james) but for whichever reason it has stopped working for all platforms.

(In case it matters: Sort order setting for Infuse is by title for all platforms during my tests)

It would be absolutely fantastic if you can provide a permanent fix for this.

Thanks so much in advance!

@James It happens for me as well, never have been able to fix this the entire time I have used Infuse.

And sorry to be blunt, but it makes it almost unbearable.

@james ALL in my case.

Oh yea I guess I should specify. this happens on all of my collections, on all of my devices.

Do these items have a ‘Sort Title’ in Plex? If not, can you try adding one that matches with the order you would like to see?

Hi @james!

Yes, I explicitly use the ‘Sort Title’ in PLEX.

Example: Marvel Collection

‘Sort Title’ field says “MCU - Phase 1 - 1”, “MCU - Phase 1 - 2”, … “MCU - Phase 2 - 1”, etc.

That perfectly aligns all movies within the PLEX movie collection.

However, looking at the same collection in Infuse (after syncing, refreshing and what not) it still shows all movies sorted by year.

Please check my answers before; I tested it in depth on all operating systems.

Again: You DID FIX it before with Infuse 6.6

Appreciate your efforts!


Posting to add that I have the same problem: all collections being sorted by release date, rather than respecting Plex’s sort order.

Specific scenario is that my collections have been created using Plex Meta Manager. On Plex, some collections are sorted by name, some by release date, and some by date added to my library. These rules don’t filter through to Infuse.

Has there been any progress on fixing this? Thanks.

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Status Update: For regular PLEX collections, Infuse is now able to differentiate between sort order by release date and alphabetical sort order. That’s two out of three options available in PLEX (cf. my posts above).

@James: Thanks a lot for incorporating this! You should have mentioned that as a fix/feature :slight_smile:

@coffeym: The collections you mention are probably smart collections, right? I think Infuse lacks proper support for PLEX smart collections, as far as I know :man_shrugging: I do know PMM, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I think technical PMM creates smart collections in PLEX, hence the missing support in Infuse.

I am on 7.4.1 right now.

@tbor85 Yeah that’s right, all the PMM generated collections I have are smart collections. That explains things! I hope Infuse can incorporate full support for them soon.

Is the fact that “All Movies” on Infuse home screen is not sorted using Plex’s “Sort Title” but by “Title” related to this problem (I don’t want to add posts for nothing)?

Hi @james , i have a bunch of plex smart collection in either random / Release data descending / date added descending order.

In infuse 7.4.4 (Mac & ios), all of them are sorted in “release date ascending” order now which is wrong. Please help to fix if possible.

Same for me, but this has always been the case. Would be great if Infuse picked up the sort order of smart collections.