New direct mode for Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex

Would like to see Infuse load directly frozen Jellyfin in my case.

Now I often notice, that my library is not updated correctly. Some new show files don’t show up, until I clean the metadata cache.

Not having to cache it all, would be great!

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Please add Skip Intro for Jellyfin


I have pinned on the Home Screen “recently added tv” and “recently added movies” and this is mainly how I consume my daily media.

I hope there’s a way to sort unwatched tv shows by recently aired episode “just like Plex client
Having it sorted by release date “the current way infuse does it” will never get a new episode upfront if the tv show is old and was first released couple of years back

As mentioned above yes

This is a great change, cant wait for it to be released. I really hate the couple of minutes when I launch infuse every time that it takes to load the library content

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  • How do you typically choose the video you want to watch on the server today?

I almost solely use the recently added lists for things that I have just added to my server. Otherwise I’ll scroll to the video in the Movies or TV shows section

  • Which search and content filtering features are most important for your convenience?

Sorting by name is usually most convenient. I’m not sure I’ve ever searched via a search box for a show.

  • Do you often use the Latest / Recently Added lists on the home screen?

Every day. This is my favorite part of the app and speeding up this refresh would be huge! Count me in to trying it out, please!

Using Emby as of now. Sound great. Hope to test this!!

Since most Plex (et al.) enthusiasts seem to prefer Plex’s UI and feature-rich content management anyway; only reluctantly using Infuse because it does a better job playing content; why not let Plex manage everything for them and limit Infuse to handling playback?

I watch my collection using Infuse. Exclusively. It would be really nice for us vanilla Infuse users if Firecore instead prioritizes fixing these long-standing UI bugs…

… and finally adds these long-delayed feature upgrades:

Fix all this and I bet that a whole bunch of external media manager users will realize Infuse alone gives them everything they need; and a whole bunch of Infuse users will realize they no longer need to rely on Plex (et al.).

  • I want immediate access to recently uploaded but unwatched series and movies at the home page to find what I’d like to watch (which a long indexing time wouldn’t allow). Then I either choose media I have watched last time or go to the Library or Files to find the one I want to watch for from a collection of similar series or movies (which the indexing also becomes significant in terms of the loading time).
  • Genre.
  • Yes.

I’m absolutely brand-new to Infuse, currently examining (Jellyfin+Infuse) as a replacement for (Plex plus its own native client).

Biggest important features for me would be:

  1. Ability to download/cache content to my iPad since I only ever watch on my iPad when I’m on mobile or in an airplane (and thus why I need Infuse rather than Jellyfin’s native client).

  2. Combined with #1, a better sync option (“always have the next X unplayed episodes cached on the device”), which I mentioned in a thread in “suggestions.”

I use Emby on a Synology Discstation.

This sounds like a very good idea.

  • How do you typically choose the video you want to watch on the server today?

    If it is a TV series in progress the show is usual displayed on the top
    Next I usually use the recently added lists
    If I know what I want I choose the Movies or TV folder and then scroll down alphabetically until I find it.
    If I am just browsing I usually filter by a specific genre.

  • Which search and content filtering features are most important for your convenience?
    Multiple Filters! Please! At least three (Drama, 1970s, 1080p) or (Romance, Comedy, 1950s)
    Also a quick way to choose sorting options. (something like a right click menu but on the Apple TV)

  • Do you often use the Latest / Recently Added lists on the home screen?


-Video favorites feature is provided, and users can easily collect their favorite videos for future viewing.
-added search function so that users can quickly find the video they want to watch by entering keywords.
-provide tag classification function, users can tag their favorite videos with different tags, which is easy to classify and find.
-provide recommendation function to recommend videos that users may be interested in based on their past viewing records and favorite records.
-provides a filtering feature that allows users to filter according to video type, duration, publishing time and other conditions to quickly find videos that meet their needs.
-add rating and comment functions to allow users to rate and comment on videos they have watched, and help other users make choices.
-provides ranking function, so that users can view the current most popular video rankings.
-added the playback history feature to make it easy for users to view the videos they have recently watched.
-provides multilingual capabilities so that non-English users can easily use the service.
-add social features that allow users to follow other users and share their viewing history and favorites.


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About the problem of connecting with Emby media server:

  1. Speed up data synchronization. Now the synchronization of data from the emby server is very slow. There are more than 20,000 resources on emby, and synchronization takes a long time.
  2. There are sometimes problems with synchronizing playback records of emby. Occasionally there is a problem with the viewing progress of some TV series not being synchronized.
  3. Is it possible not to cache the metadata of the emby server locally and directly search for movie and TV data on the emby server through API interface?

By recently added
By favourited folder
By playlist

Filter by video features 4K, HDR, Dolby Vision, Atmos, IMDB Rating, Rotten tomato score, Audience Score
Easy search with Siri Remote
Recommended content (E.x that season of that show that was added and never watched, or that new movie from that genre I’ve been watching lately on weekends).

Almost always

Also, Infuse is forever rebuilding and losing its library on my Apple TV. Maybe I’ve broken something?


Nope. Known issue.

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I hope not to scan the database again, I use it with emby, every time I open it, it takes a long time to scan, if you change to direct connection that is really great


How do you typically choose the video you want to watch on the server today?

  • I am currently using an Emby server with tens of thousands of well-categorized movies. And syncing it within the media library in Infuse is a pain in the ass. It takes so much time and experiences failures from time to time. I hope Infuse can support Emby like other applications (e.g., Emby or Fileball) so that it just works each time I add a new Emby server without the need for scanning the whole server.

Which search and content filtering features are most important for your convenience?

  • Filter based on the rating score of movies. If possible, it’s wonderful to be able to choose the source of score.

Do you often use the Latest / Recently Added lists on the home screen?

  • Not really. I personally prefer to use the filter, search, or recently watched list.

Which search and content filtering features are most important for your convenience?
Search multiple emby server simultaneously

  • I manually navigate the Emby library and select what I want to watch. That’s part of why I chose an ATV and Infuse setup. The nav is easy and the interface pretty (enough).
  • Never used search before. The only filtering I use is ‘recently added’ but would like to have an alphabetical sort or filter that works with Emby.
  • Yes, very often we’re using latest / recently added.

I’ve personally supported this idea myself. If Infuse can separate the player functionality from the media library functionality that would work for me. I currently use Emby, but could do with Jellyfin as well.

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As much as I like this idea and see it working extremely well, I believe that there are som other glaring issues and bugs that should be sorted out first:

  • Multiple Library Filters
  • Change collection artwork
  • UI Overhaul to match Apple’s new video playback software
  • Alphabet Indicator when scrolling
  • Overhaul the cast and crew to show more cast members and guest stars
  • Sorting out the subtitles so its easier to differentiate between downloaded subtitles
  • Add a custom sort order to collections

I feel like these things, and I’m sure there are more I missed, should have priority. I’ve placed in bold those which I personally want to see added sooner rather than later.