Optimize the experience of using Infuse with AliyunDrive

I appreciate Infuse for supporting AliyunDrive. However, the scraping of data is too slow. It often takes a long time for newly added movies to appear, and the access to file loading speed is also slow, which seriously affects the experience of Chinese users. Compared to this, Vidhub has a faster speed. If AliyunDrive is not optimized, I believe many people will give up on it.


Can you provide a bit more info on the issues you are running into here?

Is this library scanning, opening a folder, starting playback?

If you’re able to replicate the issue you are seeing and send in a diagnostic report (and post the code here) it may be helpful in seeing what is going on.

You may also try running a speed test in Infuse.

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We have some optimizations in this area in progress, and plan to have these available soon.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:

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I almost don’t use vidhub after buying infuse. The posters and streaming media of nfuse are very good. I hope to improve the search speed, but I think the posters and streaming media of infuse are better. Come on, don’t sacrifice the posters for the sake of changing the speed of scanning the database. In the backend, I personally feel that infuse’s backend is more attentive and must be unique to infuse.

Hello, James, Aliyun needs to scan the media library for a long time before it can be displayed on the front page every time a new movie is added. This experience is too bad. The 40T storage space scanning is very slow. Can there be a better way to quickly display the new movie for play?

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We have identified some improvements that will help with this, and are currently planning to include these in the upcoming 7.7.1 release.

You can follow this thread for updates.

I have also encountered the problem of scanning the media library and the long loading time before, the link to my post is as follows: BDMV files in cloud drive playback issues

When infuse accesses aliyun drive, it seems that there will only be problems when reading movies in BDMV, and the same is true when I use the webdav service program to access other cloud drive. However, there will be no problem in reading local BDMV movies.

I guess that there are some problems when infuse accessing the data in the cloud drive through the webdav protocol, and I hope to take into account the use experience of other cloud drives when improving.

Infuse 7.71 beta version, Aliyundrive data scraping is still very slow, added movies, have to wait a long time before they appear.

We’ve had very positive feedback from other Aliyun Drive users on the change, so this is interesting.

Can you describe what you are seeing and also send in a report from your device (and post the code here)?

Indeed, the scraping time for aliyundrive has seen some improvements, however, what’s bothering me is that the “Fetching up next list” step is consuming a considerable amount of time.

I’ve found a similar description on the forum https://community.firecore.com/t/fetching-up-next-list/20502

I’ve sent the logs and emails, hoping they may be of some assistance to you.

Hi, James, I don’t know how to publish the code, I’m very sorry. Let me describe the issue I encountered. When I add new movies to Aliyundrive, the refresh function on the homepage of Infuse often fails to work. I have to keep refreshing in the media library for a long time to see the new movies. Sometimes it keeps showing “fetching next row” (which really affects the user experience because the space provided by Aliyundrive is limited, and Chinese users typically watch the movies as soon as they store them). Another issue is that Infuse can display a jpg format image in movies, but not in TV shows, which is quite strange. Finally, thank you very much for creating this software, it has a very nice design and animations. Although other software may have faster scraping speeds, I still love it. I hope you can optimize it to be more perfect, so that excellent movies can stay in our minds.