Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing

How to get Pro

Infuse Pro is available as a subscription (Monthly or Yearly) or as a one-time purchase (Lifetime). All future updates (even major releases like v8, v9, v42, etc…) are included with all in-app purchase options.

Download Infuse 7 (free app w/ optional in-app purchase)

Family Sharing

Family Sharing is supported for both in-app purchases and subscriptions. Learn more about Family Sharing

Tips for Family Sharing (iOS 14.2 and later)

  1. Family member(s) have been added to Family Sharing with Purchase Sharing enabled (Note: Both the account sharing the purchase and the account using the purchase need to activate Purchase Sharing)
  2. For monthly/yearly subscriptions, ensure sharing has been enabled in the Infuse subscription page (App Store > Subscriptions > Infuse)
  3. Tap the Restore button on the purchase prompt (if it appears)

Note: In some cases it may be necessary to delete and re-download the app from the main family member’s list of Purchased apps in the App Store.

Alternative option for Family Sharing via Trakt (can be used between App Store regions)

  1. Log into Trakt on the purchaser’s device in Infuse’s Settings menu (Note: On iOS/macOS, look for the orange Trakt icon in the upper right corner of the Settings menu).
  2. Log into the same Trakt account on other devices

Upgrading to Infuse 7

Those upgrading from older standalone versions (Infuse Pro 4, Infuse Pro 5, Infuse Pro 6) can get a free year of Infuse Pro!

To take advantage of this follow these steps.

  1. Install your latest paid version of Infuse (v4, v5, or v6) and ensure your Pro features are active (look for the Infuse Pro text/logo in the Settings menu)
    A. Paid app or In-App Purchase are both fine
    B. If needed, you can re-download Infuse through the Purchases section of the App Store as described here).
  2. Download Infuse 7 and tap the Upgrade to Pro option in Settings
  3. Choosing the Yearly subscription option will provide you with a free year of Infuse Pro (Note: ensure the 1 Year Trial text appears below the price…please contact us if you don’t see this)
  4. After upgrading in v7 the old app can be removed

Thanks for using Infuse! :pray: