Infuse slow loading library/directory items

I’ve seen this on other threads but some date back to 2017 and I wanted to get a definitive answer to this: Why is Infuse often slow to load folders of content?

For instance, browsing via Library of TV Shows it can take 10-30 seconds to load my collection (of about 300 shows/17,000 episodes). On other occasions, it’s instant.

The problem is consistent across Apple TV, iPad and Mac. I use Emby, but had the same problem when I used to use FTP or SMB.

The biggest hurdle for me is that I (finally!) persuaded family and wife to move to Infuse, pay for Pro etc etc, but I’m getting fed up of getting texts like “why isn’t Infuse loading” followed a minute or so later by “don’t worry it’s loaded now”, or “the old Plex thing wasn’t this slow”.

For me, I can deal with it, but it’s clearly not an isolated issue and there doesn’t seem to be any consistent cause that can be addressed. Please, can somebody tell me what I can do; if not, perhaps a dev can explain if a fix is in the works?

In the old days, I’d chalk this down to free software and not having a right to moan. But between family and friends we have four subscriptions to Infuse Pro, and honestly it’s beginning to feel frustrating.

Otherwise, love the app and thanks for the regular fixes elsewhere in the Infuse world.

Are you browsing via the Library or directly via folders?

When browsing via folders, can take longer as Infuse is essentially starting fresh and looking for new files within each folder.

The Library uses a set of cached views, which are generally much faster - especially if you have a lot of files.

Thanks James. Always using Library. The exception with a previous setup was when browsing the folders after adding the share via FTP. In that interface, it was lightning fast, but navigating to a configuration page to access files isn’t convenient or what Firecore intended I’m sure.

If there’s anything I can do to help diagnose this please let me know as I’d be happy to put some time in to helping solve if it helps others also.