Research with ftp , smb , WebDAV…

hello, I am with a bug that bothers me a lot.
I have been using infuse for years with plex. I want to get rid of plex and I suddenly connected infuse to my ftp server but I notice that very quickly (after adding 400-500 films) the search for dabs infuse becomes very very slow whereas with my plex library , the search is very fast and instantaneous.
I reset but still the same problem, I tried smb share and same problem.
Can you see for this bug as it is the thing that is preventing me from getting rid of plex and fully using infuse as I would like.
Thank you and thank you very much for your extraordinary work ( I’m sorry, I’m french and use Google traduction)

Don’t understand this part. Maybe add the French too in case we can understand that better than google :slight_smile:

Did you let infuse complete scanning all of your video files before trying to search?

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