Some thoughts after a weeks use coming from Kodi

I have been using Infuse latest pro version for a week now as my main media playback software on my iPad Pro 10.5 after previously using Kodi and thought a few observations may be in order.

  1. A big problem for me is the fact you can’t select in settings to ignore empty folders. I have folders for TV shows waiting for new seasons and they show up in the views as plain folders and spoil the look of the view. Can’t be hard to exclude empty folders, it’s been asked for by a few people in the past too.

  2. Speed of actual SMB shares to load. This is a big issue for me as I have a Movie library with 300 plus movies and it must take Infuse 45-60 seconds just to start listing them and it’s a bit frustrating.

  3. Artwork and metadata seems to take forever to index and doesn’t always appear to cache as it’s missing again the next time I open the app?

  4. Playback is awesome and buttery smooth, no complaints here at all. It’s a top app and would be happy to keep paying after the trial if a few of these issues could be solved. Mainly the speed of loading up shares being the biggest issue for me.

Great app, just a few tweaks away from perfection!


Thanks for the feedback - lots of good ideas here.

We’re working on an all-new Library option for the upcoming 5.5 update which will actually address most of these. In essence, you would be able to filter videos by genre, rating, release year, etc… and since it’s an ‘indexed’ view it will provide a much faster browsing experience since Infuse won’t need to load the entire list of files off your share while browsing. We’ve also baked in some noticeable improvements with regard to fetching speed which should help everything populate much quicker.

5.5 is on track for release later this month, so keep an eye out for updates. :wink:

Do you have any time frame for the update?
Will it have an improved HEVC support?

5.5 will be out in July. 5.6 with support for HEVC will be out with iOS 11.

More details here. Upcoming Features (updated 2/23/21)

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