Added Favorites load super slow

Full disclosure, I’m a new to Infuse, so hopefully I’m doing something wrong. I’m using Jellyfin on my NAS and using Infuse7 on my AppleTV’s. My movies are divided by type amongst a few shared folders for both ease of browsing and in order to choose their availability per television.

On first setup, I noticed that the built in Movie Favorite button ignored my separate folders and recombined all the movies into one browse screen. Not ideal, but… the workaround seemed simple as Infuse allows us to add Favorite buttons based on specific folders. However, this is where the problem comes in…

The Favorite buttons I create that matches my folders with fewer movies takes between 30 and 60 seconds to load while the standard Movie Favorite button loads all of them in 2 seconds. The long load on my added Favorites happens each time I navigate back to Home Screen and then back into an added Favorites… not just the first time.

I have tried with meta cache on and off, (on will reduce load by 10 seconds after full first load), I have re-installed the app, I have cleared cache, I’ve turned off SMB transport security… nothing seems to change this.

Why can Infuse load all my movies from all my folders in 2 seconds, but loading a smaller amount from one folder can take up to a minute every time ? Is there a way to fix this?

Sorry to hear you are running into trouble.

Are you streaming via Jellyfin or via SMB? If using Jellyfin, then the SMB transport security settings won’t have an effect (though these can definitely help if you’re connecting via SMB).

Does switch from Wi-Fi to Ethernet (or vice versa) have any impact for you?

In a nutshell, browsing through the blue Movies favorite will provide a cached view of files. In other words, Infuse won’t need to load any data from your server as the info is already stored on the device.

Conversely, when browsing via folder, Infuse will access the server directly and reload the folder(s) of content. This can be a bit slower depending on your network connection and how many files/folders it needs to sort through when opening a folder.

Hi James

Are you streaming via Jellyfin or via SMB?
I am streaming via Jellyfin. In retrospect, I can see changing transport security would make no difference.

Does switch from Wi-Fi to Ethernet (or vice versa) have any impact for you?
It is hard wired now, switching to Ethernet seems to make it a little bit slower.

the blue Movies favorite will provide a cached view
Well that explains the problem perfectly! Is there a way to assign a blue Movies favorite (cached) button to just one Jellyfin folder and ignore the movies in other folders?

If not… will you be adding cache to the favorite buttons we add that are assigned to specific folders? The cache seems to remove about 40 seconds of waiting time for anyone trying to organize movies by folders.

Thanks in advance!