Hide Up Next row in Direct Mode when empty

Please get rid of the huge Infuse logo in direct mode in a future version when there is no next up displayed. I don’t even use next up, hate it. So, the rest of the screen should be moved up if no next up is displayed so the real estate is more functionally used.

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Please forgive me if this is a useless suggestion because I don’t use direct mode and can’t test it; but does the logo remain even if you set the appearance to “dark”?

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Either way, I agree that any dead space in an interface that puts unnecessary distance between a user and their media ought to be deleted post-haste.

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Yeah, someone posted a screenshot of what it can look like in the 7.7 release thread (I think it was in a different context but the result is similar):

I agree that it’s not great.

I guess a solution would be to display recently added items just like in Library mode. That way you’ll always have some items being displayed.

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Just like the title says: how can I hide the Infuse logo when trying direct mode? Why is it even displayed?

What is the point of ‘true black’ in settings if when using direct mode you get a colored background and a giant Infuse logo?!

This may appear it the Continue Watching section from the server is empty.

If you are not using the Up Next List, you can disable this in the Infuse > Settings > General menu.

But the thing is, sometimes the Up Next/Watching list can become empty. It’s not necessarily about wanting to use it or not.

I persist to say that if Recently Added items could also be displayed there just like in Library Mode the problem would go away for a lot of people. Because that way you’ll more than likely always have something being showed there even if the Up Next/Watching list is empty.

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it would be more sensible for it to auto hide itself if it’s empty and un-hide itself when there is content in the row.

I agree, but for those that don’t use Up Next (like the original poster) this would be a simple solution for now.

Why can’t it simply use that space for whatever rows are next? I have 2 rows of content to display, and only 2, and always 2. Why can’t they be on the same screen without scrolling? i.e., the Infuse logo would be row1? I don’t want any other data to show. I am using the home screen layout options to get the 2 rows I want in the order I want.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

Today’s 7.7.3 update adjusts the appearance of the Home Screen when the Up Next list is empty.


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