Questions for new Infuse user

I have been using Plex for a long time and continually get frustrated with it, lack of support and functionality. So…I’m checking out Infuse. I have connected it through my Plex server using my iPad. I have a couple of questions that hopefully can be answered:

  1. I noticed if I connect directly to my NAS instead of the Plex server, Infuse will add the clearart logo for the movie or TV show. Why does it not do this when connected to the Plex server?
  2. Also noticed that when selecting a movie Infuse is not showing any info about the audio. Am I missing something in the settings? It shows the video info just fine.

I’m sure I will have more questions as I go deeper but appreciate any help you all can provide, thanks.

Plex doesn’t support logos from what I recall, so if you connect infuse to plex it will get all information from plex. This also includes details about file formats. It does not do it’s own metadata gathering in addition to plex.

Disclaimer: I don’t use Plex personally but I think that is how it works :wink:

You may be able to connect infuse directly to your shares/drives and bypass plex as well

@munpip214 Thanks so much for the response. Yes you are correct, Plex DOES NOT support logos at all. But I even tried adding just the logo file into the folder and it still wouldnt pull it into Infuse. Not that big of a deal but weird that Infuse wouldn’t pick up the logo file when metadata is updated.

One of the reasons why I connected Infuse through Plex, is so that I don’t have to pick/choose posters, backgrounds all over again. I do not have a Mac or Apple computer just a Windows PC so from what I have found, there is no desktop version of Infuse to edit stuff like Plex. I’m guessing if I used something like Tiny Media Manager I could pull posters, etc and save them to the folders. Would this be something that is recommended for Infuse?

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Have you tried using only Infuse? It will gather the metadata and you don’t have to have a server running the plex app in addition to Infuse.

Infuse offers methods to replace artwork if you don’t like what is supplied from TMDB so while it may take a bit to get set up for Infuse only in the long run you’ll only have to deal with one app instead of 2+

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And just to reiterate infuse will only use metadata from plex if that is set up. Otherwise it will use TMDb/local metadata if connecting via nfs/smb/ftp/etc.

You may use plex pass for features such skipping intros or external streaming and you would lose some features by dropping it.

Yep, that’s what I’m checking out now. So will try running Tiny Media Manager to get some posters, etc thrown into the folders and try it out. My collection is gigantic so will take some time if I made the full switch. I did notice that when I added a my Synology NAS to Infuse by NFS that its still only pulling video data/info and nothing in regards to the audio. For example a movie will show that its in 4K HDR but says nothing about audio. Any ideas?

If you have a large library you may need to let Infuse finish a complete scan for the rest of the info to show up. If you didn’t delete everything before you added the Infuse only share you will have to refresh the metadata to get it to scan again since it’s using old plex data.

Tried adding just 1 of my movie folders via NFS and Infuse has finished the complete scan…still no audio details, only video.

On iOS, you can see the audio specs by scrolling down.

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That is weird… Why would it not be up above next to the resolution and rating??

It was a design choice due to space limitations.

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@james Thanks for your response!

I manage file import on my PC using Kodi, which allows me to pick and choose between available covers and fanart images and auto-populates TV episode thumbnails. I also edit the .nfo files (for use elsewhere) but rename them to .nxx before importing to Infuse; or else Infuse will generate two different (but identical, since both use TMDB) cast & crew databases.

For 4K titles and TV art, I source images from one of three different websites (including TMDB) to make custom covers (so that all my 4K titles have the exact same “4K Ultra HD” logo top banner) and to make sure all my TV season posters are stylistically consistent.

I then “back up” all my custom and any missing matched set posters to TMDB … also enabling others to maybe take advantage of my efforts if their tastes align with mine.

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Does Infuse support Extras for movies (deleted scenes, featurettes, etc)? If not currently, is this coming anytime soon?

Nope but you can like this thread. No immediate plan to implement it.


I’ve noticed that in order for movies in a Collection to show how you want when pulled from Plex, the sort for the collection needs to be set to Alphabetical. I have checked this and it is NOT working within Infuse when refreshed. For example…Star Wars movies are showing in Infuse by year, not how I have them sorted in Plex. Any ideas, or is this broke in Infuse??

I don’t use Plex so can’t comment to that specifically; but Infuse uses a global sort setting (located in … settings) that offers
Date” (newest releases first)
and perhaps one other I’m forgetting.

There is no per-folder / per category sort option, as far as I know. (This might not be true for custom playlists — Infuse respects a manual sort order that is somewhat tedious to create, but is better than nothing).

Personally, the problem I have is I want to sort movies by “Filenamesince that setting actually sorts by containing folder name instead of the actual filename used to query TMDB.

Folder Name:
Matrix ,The (1999) 4K HDR 27gb
The Matrix (1999) 4K HDR.mkv

TMDB search recognition chokes if leading articles are omitted or moved to the back as I do in my folder names (for file management purposes and my own sanity).

Sorting by File(Folder)name lets you arrange your library so that movies that are clearly part of the same series can be shown together, and chronologically:

My Folder names (title portion only):

Bourne 1 - The Bourne Identity
Bourne 2 - The Bourne Ultimatum
Bourne 3 - The Bourne Supremacy
Bourne 4 - The Bourne Legacy
Bourne 5 - Jason Bourne

Sort by Title and the movies are listed in this order: 1,4,3,2 … and 5 won’t be found till you get to the Js.

Jurassic Park 3 won’t be sorted with the rest of the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World moves — it will be in the Ls (for “The Lost World - Jurassic Park 3”). And “Dominion” will precede “Fallen Kingdom”.

Raiders of the Lost Ark” will be isolated from the rest of the Indiana Jones movies when sorting by Title. Etc.

Unfortunately, Infuse does not do the same with TV folders — Infuse actually sorts by TV episode filenames in this case. That means if I sort by filename, when I browse my TV shows, every show that begins with “The” is alphabetized under T (for “The”) instead of the first letter of the first significant word in the title (ex: “The Boys” should be found in the Bs and “The Expanse” should be found in the Es.

The only way to properly sort TV shows is to sort by Title.

Sadly, you can’t sort TV one way and Movies another way.

@james - can you accommodate this, pretty please!?

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First, thanks again to everyone that has responded to my questions on getting Infuse set up…really appreciate it!
I’m trying out using Infuse without connecting to my Plex server and connecting it directly to my Synology NAS via NFS. Playing back content is quicker that using the actual Plex app on my iPad. Will tackle the remote streaming later.
To ensure all my media looks correct, I have started using Tiny Media Manager to update everything (should have done this a long time ago honestly). Main reason is that I’m switching to a dedicated media player like Zidoo or Zappiti in our home theater.
I noticed that within Infuse after creating all the NFO metadata info using TMM, Infuse is not picking up collections correctly. It will either not put the movies into a collection or only do some while excluding others. Any idea or what to do to ensure Infuse looks at the NFO to lump everything into the correct collections automatically? PLEASE do not tell me I have to add the collection to Infuse directly to get this to work since that is double the work.

Infuse only has partial support for local .nfo. Collections are not supported; sorry.

They have to be created manually in Infuse; or you have to use the ones imported from TMDB (meaning you are stuck with TMDB’s rules about collections — direct prequels and sequels only; no “same universe” collections — like all Marvel movies. You get an Avengers collection, an Iron Man collection, etc. but not an MCU collection. The only exception to this policy is they allow a James Bond collection of all Eon Bond films. :man_shrugging:t2:)

In settings, you can select to show TMDB collections, your own created-in-Infuse custom collections, both, or neither.

@FLskydiver thanks again for the info. That sucks…MCU was actually the one I noticed this on! @james any idea if .nfo for collections will be supported???

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