Enhanced spatial audio support (Atmos)

Thank you, I was just gonna ask about this. I don’t mind waiting, but I’m wondering from your comment, is it for sure feasible for spatial audio w/ Atmos to be implemented in the future (i.e. tvOS 15 technically allows it), or do you just not know yet if it could be implemented in Infuse and will look into it?


This ^ Any idea how long before it’s implemented?
It’s good that we now don’t have to convert to VC1/mp4 but this was what I was really hoping for. I’ll continue to use the ‘computers app’ to get Atmos

Any word on Atmos compatibility? Or not happening… :slightly_frowning_face:

Any updates into that?

Been using spatial audio for a while with Infuse. Apple seems to have different “virtual rooms” available. Infuse use makes it sound much more home theater like. YouTube’s version has much less reverb and you don’t get the out of head experience as well. Same with Plex on old player. Anyone else feel that?

Looking forward to the Atmos compatability. Going to be a dream sitting 1m from a 77" OLED and have a virual IMAX in your home with an accoustically transparent center channel!


I was curious if there are any plans to support EAC-3 Atmos tracks for spatial audio? Currently it shows “Multichannel” instead of “Atmos” when playing those tracks. This is in contract to Quicktime which shows “Atmos” correctly.

To be totally honest, I don’t know if there is a difference as it’s hard to compare without listening side by side, but was just curious if there are any plans to add support for this (or if there is any difference in the first place lol).

Apple TV Infuse does pass through EAC-3 Atmos tracks correctly while playing all other tracks as PCM. So was thinking this might be possible on MacOS/iOS.

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This is on our radar to look into for a future update.


For anyone interested in the tech: Is Bluetooth holding back Apple's AirPods? We asked the man who made them | What Hi-Fi?

Something I’ve noticed has been confirmed

Something I hadn’t realised is that Spatial Audio is tuned differently depending on the source device: “when watching a movie on Apple TV the virtual speakers are placed further away from you than when you’re watching on an iPhone”, Geaves says. Apparently, it would just sound weird to combine a fairly small screen that’s quite close to you with virtual speakers that seem a long way away

Infuse does the right thing because when playing over Infuse you get the higher reverb. When using “Old Player” on plex it sounds much more in your head - something tuned for a phone.


I was wondering about similar things.

My question would be if it will be at all possible playback TrueHD Dolby Atmos on the Mac? I understand that this might be a limitation on Apple’s side.

It just sucks that TrueHD tracks lose the metadata.

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Yeah I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon unfortunately. I don’t think anyone has figured out how to decode the Atmos substream yet.

Its not going to happen until apple supports it. Best you might be able to do (if macOS allows it) is bitstream out on the Mac to a Dolby atmos capable stereo receiver.

@james There is a glitch on the tvOS Disney+ app that actually allows for Atmos Spatial Audio, even though they’re using a custom player. If you have an Atmos speaker system (even just a TV like my LG C9), and you start playing the show in Atmos, then if you switch to the AirPods, Spatial Audio will remain in Atmos. If you start the show with the AirPods on though, it will say “Multi-channel”.

It is not just the label, for instance in Hawkeye S01E02 at 43:47 when Kate comes down crashing from the roof, the roof cracking sound is isolated to the heights channels, and comparing with AirPods you can tell when it says Atmos that sound really comes from above, whereas when it says “Multi-channel” it clearly doesn’t.

Maybe this glitch could be a hint on how to enable Atmos in Infuse?

I’m on tvOS 15.4 beta, but this has been happening at least since 15.0, probably before.

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Just a quick update, Amazon updated their Prime Video player recently to a custom one, and it does support Atmos over Airpods Spatial Audio, so I think this is the first custom player supporting it officially, and at least we know it’s possible for sure.

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I played Dolby Atmos file in Safari (directly played mp4 via stream) and it showed Dolby Atmos when I used Airpods pro.
But when I played same file in Infuse for MacOS, it showed Multichannel and it wasn’t Atmos at all, couldn’t hear height channels in it.
I hope someone may look into it.

Moreover, Dolby Vision might have little bit of issue with brightness, if we check Netflix’s Dolby Vision and put hand over light sensor the brightness where it was peaked it will lower instantly, I tried same in Infuse it lowered whole display brightness but not those specific points of brightness.


+1 Facing the same issue with EAC-3 files w Dolby Atmos metadata in it on iPhone/Mac

Hello HotSauce, how did you managed to get atmos with infuse? I am on latest version of both infuse and tvos, but whatever file with atmos i try to play shows up as multichannel.

I noticed that I could get Atmos to show up the same way you can with Disney+. You need to have an atmos capable TV or receiver and start playing, and then switch on the fly to the AirPods. But in the case of Infuse I just get silence, there is no audio playing, but it shows Dolby Atmos like in the screenshot. With Disney+ it does appear to work.

Hi, yes I followed the post by andyo above. I started the movie on my Atmos TV/AVR and then put the AirPods on which transferred the Atmos to the headphones. I’m definitely getting audio though - sounds great! :grin:

I get silence when trying the trick.

Would love to get an estimate of when we can expect support!