Infuse 7.7.3 now available

Infuse 7.7.3 is now available! :rocket:




*Note: Supports Dolby Atmos in E-AC3 audio tracks. Support for macOS will be added in an upcoming version.


Dolby Atmos! It is really working with LG Soundbar :smiley:

Thank you so much!

EDIT: and it sounds great!!!

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Wondering if there is a feature in Jellybean to transcode TrueHD Atmos tracks in my MKV files, real time to EAC3 to make it compatible with Infuse.

I think I found a bug with this new version that when I open a movie that has multiple versions, it won’t select the 4K version. Only TV shows are not impacted by this.

This is on emby

Diagnostics: YMXVW

Support for multiple versions when using Emby will be available soon in an upcoming release.

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Can you explain to me as a beginner what is the difference between regular audio and Dolby Atmos? I’m interested in the owners’ opinion.

Instead of trying to type a meaningful and understandable few paragraphs of the difference it may be best to read the sources explanation.