Apply custom seek times to double-tap seek gestures (iOS)

On iOS/ipadOS, double tapping the screen while playing something doesn’t respect the custom forward/backward seek times in the settings. Double tapping will always go forward or backward by 10 seconds.

To have the custom values respected, you need to first tap the screen to show the UI and then aim for the (very) small buttons at the bottom left of the screen. When in the middle of playing something, doing so is a lot less convenient than double tapping. Especially on an iPad with a larger screen.

Would it be possible to have the double tap gesture respect the custom seek times? Thanks!


Currently, the custom seek times only apply to the skip buttons in the playback overlay.

Gesture skip remains fixed at 10s, but these can be stacked so you can easily skip forward 10, 20, 30, 40s at a time.

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It would be great if the custom seek times could also apply to gesture skip. I like to have both values at 5 secs, and on an iPad with a large screen trying to hit the buttons during playback is a lot less convenient than using the double tap gesture.

I also think it would make sense to have the gestures match the buttons. Not sure why they would be different. You can stack the buttons too but I think this would be more important if you want to have a five second interval.

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I see potential in this with all respect for the current programming of the butttons.

Maybe combining it with a additional swipe to the current double tap which is changeable to personal preference (btw I really liked when that fautere got added, thanks for that Jason)

But I’m just brainstorming out loud here:

A function that I think would be available for all OSses even the TVOS with the latest apple TV remote; is a swipe function added where a fast swipe across the touchpad for MacOS, the screen for IOS etc, buttons pad for TVOS would function as a longer skip of choice.

It even maybe possible to combine it with an optional fully skip to next video or a full reverse to the beginning function:

Trough a long 3D Touch press on IOS and IpadOS.

A multiple finger hard click for Mac OS.

Maybe even 3seconds Long press at the left side or right side on the Apple TV Remote to fully skip it. So the swipes and 3D touch like options would be customisable to have more personal ways of playing through the video fast witouth having to bring up the UI first.

Just an Idea. No complaint of any kind to the current system.
Would love to test it in the betas but ofcourse no priority for now.
Just an outloud brainstorm for another feature test using these available functions modern apple devices have.

Thanks for reading, hope it might bring some concept for potential extra’s :slight_smile:

This has been added in today’s 7.7.3 update. :slight_smile:

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