Infuse logo taking up too much space

So I’ve been tryin out the free version on the Apple TV for a little bit in order to transition from the Plex app. I’ve added my Plex library and everything has synced properly.

I did a few customizations including removing the Recently Added section at the top by setting Up Next List to Off. However, after turning it off I’m presented with a giant Infuse logo that takes up a majority of the screen and really only gives me a view to the Favorites section (Library etc.). This leaves the On Deck section barely visible unless I scroll down every time I would open Infuse.

So is there a way to stop it from taking up all that space? Would I have to get pro in order for it to stop taking all that unnecessary space? I wouldn’t mind purchasing pro but it would be useless for me if my media is essentially hidden.

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the giant logo will stay there if you disable “Recently Added” section. this is by (awkward?) design and it isn’t related to pro/lifetime account (I have a lifetime account).

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Thanks for your comment. Well that’s a shame. It doesn’t make any sense to have that giant logo while using the app. The loading screen? Sure. But not when you are navigating through the app. It is incredibly unnecessary. I guess I’ll hold off purchasing pro until they address that poor UX. A shame, really.

Thanks for the feedback.

This is more or less a holdover from the original Infuse 4 release, when Favorites were the only option on the home screen.

However, I can see how setting up your home screen with favorites and lists, while disabling the Up Next list (Watching & Recently Added) could lead to a layout that is not ideal.

We’ll take a look at this and see if it can be improved. It may make sense to simply hide the logo altogether when lists are in use, and allow the Favorites to appear at the top, where the Up Next List would be. If no lists are in use, and you have only Favorites, then showing the logo still makes sense.


That sounds excellent. I look forward to any changes in that regard!

On a relevant note, if Up Next List is disabled the Top Shelf feature is not used. Is it possible that if you use Plex with Infuse the Top Shelf could show the On Deck List instead? Or perhaps similarly to the Plex app, it could show in groups of threes the On Deck and other Lists you have enabled.

As an example if I have the On Deck, Recent Movies and Recent TV lists it would show the 3 most recent ones for each category on the Top Shelf when on the Apple TV Homescreen.

Great idea ??
But please leave the orange Background how it currently is, I like it very much ??

Hey James ?

Please remember in this context the unnecessary selection of the „Search-Button“:

=> On Homescreen if I scroll upwards it always select the „Search“-Button…
It instead should select the first favorites folder!!!

I have created a new Video to show you this in Detail:

A number of improvements in this area have been added for the upcoming 5.8.5 update.

Just got the 5.8.5 update. Great job!

Edit: If you turn on Up Next List for “Watching Only” it brings back the giant Infuse logo again. Could you fix that as well?

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What does the update do? Can’t really see any difference.

This is sort of expected, since the Watching list is present…but may currently be empty if you don’t have any in progress items.

I see. I suppose I expected it to be more dynamic similar to the way Plex handles watching only/in progress content. It normally doesn’t take any space if nothing is in progress but will show up once there is and takes up the appropriate space.

Fair point. We’ll see if this can be adjusted.

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