TV Shows Embedded Data?

I want to use my own embedded metadata for some TV Shows. I am using Infuse Pro on my Mac mini and I can’t seem to find how to set this up.

Is this possible?

If you’re truly using “Embedded” metadata (meaning the metadata is actually part of the video file then you have to have Embedded Metadata turned on in the settings.

Most users do not use this method and it will slow Infuse down since it has to scan every file for metadata.

If you prefer to override some or all of the metadata that Infuse fetches on it’s own with your own artwork and details It’s far more common to have artwork and other data along side the video file in the same directory but not inside the actual video file. The instructions on this far more common method are found here in this users guide.

Note that currently nfo files are only available for Movies. If you want to customize TV shows this way you can follow this currently running suggestion ( that BTW shows as “Planned”).

Thanks for the information and links. I can see the option is planned and so I guess I will just have to be patient. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I was meaning linked alongside the video, not inside it.

The basic problem I have is that I have ripped a TV series, where the order of the titles on the DVD | Blu-ray is not in the same order as TheTVDB. So the descriptions / titles don’t match. My ripped TV show files are in the format e.g. tv_series_name - S01E01 - title_of_the_episode following the suggested episode titles from FileBot (where they agree with the DVD | Blu-ray).

There are other TV series I have that don’t exist in TheTVDB or are mismatched against a completely different series. It makes what is displayed in Infuse somewhat confusing to say the least.

Ideally I would like Infuse to take the tv_series_name, the season and episode and the title of the episode from the filename (or have an option to select that). I would prefer having no information displayed rather than completely incorrect information.

Just to clarify, Infuse uses TMDB for all Movie and TV Show metadata.

If you have a series that is misidentified you can usually do an edit metadata and select the correct series and that should fix the entire series so you don’t have to do all episodes.

There is another suggestion you can add your support to and follow that addresses this feature request.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in those threads to show your support for those suggestions! :wink:

Not exactly. Infuse recognizes .nfo for television shows same as it does for movies; you’re just limited in what you can change using .nfo in direct relation to the way Infuse internally processes movies and TV episodes dissimilarly.

The biggest difference between the two is movie video files are internally singular items, but TV series video files are internally grouped items (and thus feature the same limitations as TMDB Collections, which are “TV Series-like” groups of movie video files).

Users therefore have no control over the internal titles and genres of TV series just as they have no control over the titles and posters used for TMDB collections (with both being internally locked to their TMDB-defined properties).

Users can change everything displayed on a TV series episode’s details page through local nfo and artwork that they can on a movie’s details page, but for the work’s genre and the series’ title (TV episode genres are locked at the series level, and series-level details are not editable).

Displayed movie titles can be edited through .nfo, and so can the displayed titles of individual TV episodes; but TV series’ titles (as they are series-level details) are not editable, just as TMDB collection titles are not editable.

Other TV episode items that can be changed through .nfo include the episode synopses, air dates (or release to streaming dates), content advisory ratings, cast and crew details, and episode thumbnail images.

Well compared to how movies can use nfo it’s lacking. Saying it does work is like saying a car works as long as you don’t mind only turning left.

I just wanted to get basics answered and point the user to a suggestion topic that will give them working nfo files as they should

Lol. Point taken. And for the record, I don’t disagree. You’ll note I never actually said using .nfo “works” in reference to either movies or TV — as they don’t really work for either.

When I first started using Infuse, .nfo worked great (for movies), for what I wanted them to do — alter displayed titles in a useful and sortable way. Then Firecore decided to implement “support” for cast and crew override, and broke everything. They’ve never gone back and fixed the damage nor acknowledged they totally screwed up both Cast and Crew (the whole point of the feature) and, as a result, everything else .nfo used to be good for in Infuse.

Over a year later … Still broken. But I’ve got a giant trailers button now. Yay.

I have a temporary and less than ideal work-around, which is to display file names. Then at least the episode title actually aligns with the episode that is playing, even if the description doesn’t.

I guess I could extract the information from TMDB and programmatically create .nfo files that aligned with the order of tye DVD episodes?

As I am new to all of this, is there documentation of how to set up a .nfo file for episodes of a TV series.

A while back I “solved” Infuse’s non-support of DVD episode order through making custom .nfo files for my copies of my most beloved cancelled-too-soon-series “Firefly”.

Knowing that TMDB had finally rolled out support for alternate episode order; and having been consistently teased by Firecore for the past two years that subsequent support for the feature in Infuse has never been more than the next monthly-update-release away, I didn’t want to go through the hassle of actually changing the filenames of my media files and altering all their metadata so the episodes would appear to be listed and play in the correct order (i.e. the creators’ intended episode order, and not in the nonsensically reshuffled sequence some schmuck network executive decided to air them in). So instead I just updated their episode titles (via .nfo) so that when I viewed them in Infuse the titles would make clear which order a viewer ought to actually play them in.

I later posted a very edited version of one of the .NFOs for the series as an example of what items can be manipulated by Infuse’s currently limited support for local .nfo — which you can view here.

I’m still profoundly sad no one played the game. :sob:

For me it’s only firefly. So I just renamed the episodes to show up right…:man_shrugging:t3: hopefully infuse will figure out how to reorder episodes.