Library lumps everything under "Other"

I’m using embedded metadata on all my files. My library shows 0 Films, 0 TV Episodes, and 7271 Other. The files are on an SMB share dropped off my router, and I’m using Infuse for tvOS/iOS/MacOS. Each file’s metadata includes a “Media Kind” entry that either says “TV Show” or “Movie”.

I am wondering what I need to fix/change/add to the metadata in order for the library to correctly categorise things under “Films” and “TV Episodes”.

By “Embedded” do you mean that you have included ALL of the artwork and metadata into the actual single video file? Or have you added those files along side the video in the same directory?

Here is the users guide that tells you how to override the metadata from what Infuse would normally gather from TMDB for everything.

Note that currently the xml/nfo files for TV don’t work but there’s a suggestion thread requesting this found here.

All of the artwork, etc., is embedded into the actual file. I’ve been using Subler to gather and embed the metadata/artwork and it pulls from TVDB/TMDB.

Do you have Metadata Fetching turned on? It should be so that that any info you may not have included will be filled in by Infuse fetching from TMDB.

On the Library settings page there are messages as to the last icloud sync and last scan of the database, what do those say?

Also, be advised that with “Embedded Metadata” turn on it will take quite a bit longer for Infuse to scan since it has to look into every file for metadata.

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I do not have Metadata Fetching turned on. I didn’t know if it overrode the embedded metadata (which I prefer to use, as a number of shows I have were pulling incorrect metadata) so I thought it best to leave off. I could definitely turn it on and see what happens (and will update with results once Infuse has had time to run through the library).

I’m not seeing messages on the Library settings pages (looking in MacOS and iOS, since it’s inconvenient for me to check tvOS at the moment) other than “Sync with iCloud” notes last sync was 3 minutes ago, as well as “Fetching artwork for”, which is slowly chugging through the files it needs to fetch artwork for.

As far as time to scan every file, understood, however this library has been live for a few years and the “issue” has persisted the entire time. It’s mainly been a source of curiosity, rather than a hindrance, so I’ve put off finding the possible fix until curiosity finally got the better of me.


Slowly, after turning on “Metadata Fetching”, things are appearing to categorise.

I only flipped the toggle for “Metadata Fetching” and did not hit “Scan for Changes” or “Refresh Metadata”.

Thanks for walking me through this.


Still quite a lot of “Other”, but an improvement. Perhaps I need to Refresh Metadata to handle the rest.

Are your files named per TMDB standards or did you name them based on a different metadata provider?

Typically Infuse needs to recognize files first; and then is able to override what it found (on TMDB) using first embedded metadata, and second local metadata in .nfo files.

But definitely with that many files, you might want to let the scanning occur overnight (or whenever you have a couple hours free). Make sure your AppleTV / Apple Device’s Screen Savers are set to Start After: Never and your Apple TV / Apple Devices are set to Sleep After: Never (or perhaps 5 or 10 Hours). Keep Infuse open in the foreground, on the library page which shows the running count of files being identified. (All of this is really only necessary due to background refresh not working properly currently).

If turning off your TV turns off your AppleTV, either disable the ARC connection or turn off your TV via the Audio-Only or Blank Screen mode which turns off the LCD/LED display without turning off the TV itself and severing the HDMI connection to the AppleTV.

I used Subler to embed the metadata and it lets me specify how to name the files, so I’ve been naming them, e.g. (tv), Show Name S##E## Episode Title.filetype. That’s according to how Subler fills the “Name” field of the metadata.

Good tips on what settings to modify to ensure Infuse has a chance to update the library on AppleTV. Given my current settings, Infuse never really had a chance to fully scan the library.

Having things listed under Other, rather than Films and TV Episodes was never really a hardship and hasn’t interfered with my usage and enjoyment of the app. Mainly a curiosity that I finally decided I wanted to figure out. It looks like it’s mostly a case of tweaking a setting here and there.

Hope you’ve made some progress!

Things identified as other are unfortunately not included in Infuse’s library and you therefore lack some of the benefits that are only available to files included (and indexed) in the library.

My goal is to use the other section to highlight content I need to rename or otherwise fix so it shows up where it ought to — and ensure the category otherwise remains empty and hidden upon the conclusion of each of my import procedures.

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