UK Age Ratings in Embedded Metadata

Is it possible, and how is it possible to have age restrictions in embedded mp4 files such that Infuse will recognise them?

For my movies I have the option to use online metadata, but I don’t have that option with TV shows because I keep my media library in a player agnostic format, which precludes me renaming all my tv show episodes just to suit Infuse. So, on that note, I use “TV Shows/Showname/Series/Episode Number and Name” using “Series” rather than “Season” to stop Infuse recognising the folder structure as TV Shows and then failing to organise them properly due to my filenames. Infuse recognises them as “Other” I believe.

Plus, even for my movies I’d like to have age rating in embedded metadata, again for portability between different players.

I can’t find any documentation about what the tag name is or what format the values should be. Even using mpaa age ratings would be better than nothing.

Is it possible to use embedded metadata for age ratings?

I’m not sure about embedded but you may be able to use a nfo or xml file to accomplish what you’re looking to do. This users guide has samples of both and both include ratings.

To add, TV shows currently don’t support the external files for metadata but you can add your support for this feature here.

This is one of the reasons I still use Emby as my media server since you have complete control over all metadata including how UK ratings appear.

Unfortunately, since all the metadata sources are US based, ’series’ are always called ‘seasons’ in both Emby and Infuse. Very annoying!