problem with local metadata

Dear Infuse-team,

I have re-organized my movies and tv-shows by using tinymediamanager, but Infuse seems to ignore all generated local metadata (.nfo) for TV-Shows. Tinymediamanager created .nfo’s in “Kodi”-format (see attachment) which differs from the example from Firecore (Inception).

Do you have an idea how to solve this? How can I generate supported nfo’s quickly and easy?
I try to avoid scraping through Infuse again and again if all required data (metadata & artwork) is already available and faster accessible on my fileserver. Also Infuse always forgets about all my metadata corrections on my atv.


12_monkeys_1995_h264-1080p_ac3-6ch.nfo__0.txt (15.9 KB)

Are you using “.nfo” or “.xml” for file type?

I’m using .nfo but it contains XML.
I’ve added another example for TV-Shows, because it seems they’re not recognized via NFO correctly at all.

friends.s07e03.die_kekskrise.nfo_.txt (1.84 KB)

Have you tried changing the file type to xml instead of nfo? That solved some problems I was having a while back.

…unfortunately no luck. TinyMediaManager creates them in KODI-format which is quite different.
Do you know an alternative tool that creates (or converts) metadata to infuse-style (as its described here: Inception)?

Sorry, I got spoiled letting Infuse do the metadata for both movies and TV so I don’t do the local metadata. I’ve played with movies a few times using the provided sample just to see how it works but no tv shows. I’m not 100% sure that Infuse even supports external xml files for TV shows to be honest.

Unfortunately, Infuse does not currently support episode specific XML/NFO files, but you can use the generic format structure for both movies and TV shows.

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I made the following attempts to get my TV-Shows recognized as TV-Shows (instead of others) by using local metadata:

  • integration of metadata directly into the movie-files (as tags) with the MacOS app “MetaTV”
  • metadata for TV-Shows AND Episodes generated via TinyMediaManager
  • manual creation of XML-files according to Inception (see attachment for a customized example) and placing them in the show-directory and/or the season-directory with .xml or .nfo-extension

NONE of them was successful, TV-shows are still shown as “Others” in Infuse.
During my test I figured out, that infuse doesn’t recognize changed metadata-files reliably. So before each try I discarded all local metadata in Infuse and started a re-scan.

I don’t know what else I could test, but I assume the recognition of local metadata for TV-Shows is really broken somehow.

the_big_bang_theory.xml_.txt (835 Bytes)

Hi, just trying to work out where your problems are occurring. I have quite a few xml throughout my tv show library and it is working as expected (one of mine is even a 12 monkeys episode too!). Are you matching the item to a series in the online tv database before updating the data with an xml? I have attached a screenshot of one of mine

What do you mean with

You can see a screenshot with the location of my XML and the latest version of a (non-working) XML attached. For me it looks similar to yours, but it is not recognized even if I make a handstand… :frowning:

the_big_bang_theory.xml__0.txt (780 Bytes)


I tried with one of my files and an xml and it appeared in the library by me doing the following:-

  1. Folder structure: Big Bang Theory / Season 1 / 2x files: Big Bang Theory.s01e01.mp4 … Big Bang Theory.s01e01.xml.
  2. I then clicked on edit and searched for the title and selected the TVDB listing (not xml). It will then populate the data via the TVDB. I know you don’t necessarily want this data but the library feature seems to like a basic match with the TVDB - I even have two shows in my library that do not appear in the TVDB but I have matched them with a random show then replaced the information with an xml.
  3. Now the series is recognised by your library, click edit again and select your custom xml.
  • I made sure Infuse initially scanned my file into Other to replicate your issue
    **Attached is a pic of the show as it appears in my library and the xml I used.

As an aside… In my opinion, the Infuse process to generate custom TV metadata is inefficient and not intuitive when you have to populate an entire series like Big Bang. If you have a large number shows / movies that require custom metadata, especially if you are working with a multi-lingual library, you may want to look at whether incorporating Plex with Infuse is simpler. Whilst Plex isn’t perfect and it means adding another layer to setup, it is so easy to manage metadata (click edit and type in a form’s field) and library updates are considerable faster. Infuse then acts as a front end because their user interface and player are great. I have used Infuse for many years and never gave the plex Integration any thought because I assumed it was just duplicating what Infuse already does. After seeing it at a friend’s house, I decided to give it a go and been really impressed how much time saved and easier it has become to manage my library. Anyway, that is just my opinion - someone will probably jump on here and tell you how bad plex is and how infuse works much better on its own.

Good luck, I know how annoying it is when something that should just work and it doesn’t - even with a perfect handstand … Over the years I have found Infuse to be very proactive with features and updates so hopefully in the future they will develop the ability to easily and quickly manage metadata and include shows in the library without having to match online first.

big_bang_theory.s01e01.xml__0.txt (1.02 KB)

@jedgarau thanks a lot for your analysis and help!!
When using online-metadata most of my shows are recognized correctly. But I’d try to avoid downloading metadata again and again if it is available offline with my movies. Obviously support for local metadata is broken and cannot be used independently. Using plex is not an alternative for me. I was using plex in the past, but I prefer the much more streamlined approach with infuse. I now have a USB-HDD connected to my router instead of running a server for plex.

@firecore is there a plan/roadmap to fix the issues with local metadata which are:

  • tv-shows are not recognized correctly from local metadata
  • movie-collections are not recognized feom local metadata
  • tags from movie-files / tv-show-files are not recognized correctly

Support for at least one public available metadata-manager or standard-format (eg. kodi) would be great. Alternatively an option to save online-metadata from Infuse locally with my files. Having them with my files makes them portable and also easy to back-up.

I have the same problem with tv series an Collection Covers.
Online it works great.
Local metadata is not recognized.