Kodi Local Metadata for Infuse?

Hi All

Sorry for the noob question. I’ve read the Metadata 101, not finding an answer.

I have a shared media source on NAS. TV shows and Movies in different subfolders. All metadata is scraped by Emby (linux based in case file save format is important) and stored in nfo format on the NAS with the files. I use Kodi on Android TBV with shared mariadb for multiple clients, but looking at Infuse for my Apple TV.

When I add the movies folder the content is immediately visible in the ‘Films’ folder, however when I do the same with TV shows it doesnt show in the TV Shows tile. The tile that maps directly to that fav folder works in that I can browse folders, but as folders, rather than TV shows. The files themselves when I click into a single episode show some metadata

I’m using the ‘Show Name (year)\Season 01\Show Name S01E01.xxx’ format, have season01-poster.jpg and all that.

What am I doing wrong?

The tv episodes show up individually in the Other tile…if that helps

I want to use the local metadata btw, not scrape it all over again.

Update: It’s actually not working for movies either. I thought it was but turns out I had Embedded Media disabled at the time. When I enabled it, and refreshed, it read all the posters for the movies, but none of metadata shows.

Anyone have any input here?

Is there some magic to getting Infuse to use local nfo data? Its holding me back from buying the pro version for my Apple TV.

I am not familiar with the nfo files but with the tv shows, try removing the year from the folder name. It is only needed if it is actually in the title name on TVDb.

Thanks for that. I’ll do a test to see. But shouldn’t the tvdb bit be irrelevant if it is using just the offline metadata?

I tried doing this with the year removed from the folder and no joy. Seems Infuse isn’t capable of presenting metadata solely based on local nfo data. Shame. That’s a blocker for me and it’s a gorgeous client.

I experienced similar issues with TV Shows while using nfo files and custom artworks. You may wish to try this:
. on IOS: Access the TV Show in question via the files menu
. long press on the TV Show you have issues with and select “Use online Metadata”. You may see the TV Show poster displayed if you have ‘Show Name\poster.jpg’ stored in that particular folder
. edit the metadata of the first season/ episode and select the nfo file
. repeat for all episodes
. you will get a mix of online and nfo data at the end. Seems that not all data are taken from nfo files though.

Last but not least, once done you may also select the “Use Online Metadata” data option which is applicable to all TV Shoes. By doing so, and while it is appearing somehow strange behaviour, additional TV Shows and subsequent related episodes will use nfo data and customised artworks.

A bit cumbersome, but works for me so far. There might be a simple way to get to the same result. Happy to hear from anyone though.

Thanks for the reply Patrick. Unfortunately that won’t work for me. Part of the desire is to use a tool that leverages all the scraping and metadata tweaking I’ve already done and to maintain consistency of experience across android tv and Apple TV platforms. It looks like Infuse simply isn’t the tool for me. Looking at MrMC at the moment as it has ability to leverage kodi MySQL database (which I already use for multiple kodi clients). Thank to all for their input!