Option to enable/disable search scope (cast, episodes, etc...)

I am using the apple tv. Is there any way to enable/disable episode titles from being searched (leaving only the tv show titles to be searched)? I prefer episode titles not showing up in my search results, nor waste resources having them be scowered through.

If this is not a feature, I would like to request it to be! :slight_smile: This will drastically improve search speed!

For example, instead of searching many thousands of episode titles, it can search perhaps through 50 tv show titles.

Thanks in advance!


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I moved your post to the suggestions forum. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply. I am guessing from the post move, that its not possible currently? It would be nice to limit the scope of the search function in this manner (separating tv show titles and episode titles). Much appreciated. :slight_smile: Best regards

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Any word on this feature request? Is this something that would be difficult to implement? Appreciate your guys’ support.

You’ll be able to track what new features are on the horizon here.

Also, often a suggestion will receive a tag next to the title and you can see what the tags mean here.

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Thanks for your response! Just to clarify…

In order to optimize and speed up search, I propose that the following search categories should be toggleable (on/off) - preventing them from being searched and displayed.

Search Categories (on/off)

  • TV Show titles
  • TV Episode titles (most important for performance)
  • Movie titles
  • Actor names

Thank you again for your consideration on the matter,

Eagerly await a response from the Devs :slight_smile:

Awaiting patiently for this feature. :slight_smile: I am excited it is now planned.