More conveniently and quickly managing the watchlist

Since I started using Infuse, I’ve had a question that I hope you can help resolve. In the media library mode of Infuse Pro for tvOS (currently version 7.7.2), how can I quickly manage shows that I am watching, have watched, or do not want to continue watching? I’ve noticed that for some series, even after marking an episode as watched, its record still remains on the Infuse homepage, only jumping to the next episode. However, I might want to remove this series from my “Currently Watching” list. Of course, it’s simpler with movies since they only have one part, so after selecting as watched, they disappear from the “Currently Watching” list on the homepage. I tried long-pressing a title in the “Currently Watching” list on the homepage in the new version to see if there was a context menu that would allow me to mark as watched or remove from “Currently Watching”, but unfortunately, I did not find this feature. I hope the Infuse team can help us manage our watchlist more efficiently and conveniently!

On Apple TV, you can use the new Add/Remove from Watching list option which is found on the details page. This option is also available via the context menu while browsing.

How do you get this in a contextual menu from the watching list on the home page? I’m not having any luck finding it.

Not from the Up Next List itself, but when browsing other sections and lists.

I believe the request was to be able to do it from the up next list on the home page with a contextual menu.

There’s a suggestion thread for that feature running currently.

“Thank you for your answer, but why can’t I see the options you showed in my Infuse? I’ve already updated to version 7.7.2, and I’m using the library mode.”

If you are using Emby, Jellyfin, or Plex then this won’t be available at this time - but it is on our list to look into for a future version.