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I really like your app takes a lot of work load off. Had done enough corverting videos for my iphone/ipad. Im stil using Plex in my AppleTV because I like how it “stack” TV serie episodes in sub category. Not sure if im missing this feature in Infuse but when i load one season (13 episodes) in my iPhone it gives me them as individuals. I would like to have tab for Movies and TVSeries. Subcategory where all episodes are. Now beatifull UI get cluthered one serie.

We’re working to handle TV episodes much better in 1.5. Instead of a thumbnail for each episode, you’ll just have one for each season.

Do you have a timeframe for the 1.5? I was really waiting for this on the 1.4, but i do love the other features.

I was wondering, is there any chance to change the subtitles size in airplay? I really love the font and size when its not in airplay, but in airplay thay so really small.



Hoping to have 1.5 out this month…fingers crossed.

The subttile size when streaming over AirPlay is set by the Apple TV, and (at least in the current version) there isn’t much we can do to adjust it. We’re hoping Apple decides to add a size adjustment option in the future.

Are there any plans to include a toggle to disable metadata entirely in 1.5? When it works, it works great, but when it mis-identifies files, it causes a huge mess. You might load a bunch of files with perfectly descriptive filenames, and then Infuse misidentifies them, and they show up in the UI as completely different episodes.

I actually had a rather annoying thing happen to me with such a problem. I’ve been watching a show that Infuse can’t correctly identify (because nobody can agree on how to count the episodes), and I loaded a bunch of episodes up and then went on vacation. For a while, I had no wifi on my iPad, so when I used Infuse to watch the episodes, it was showing me the filenames, and everything was fine.

While on the trip, I launched Infuse while connected to wifi, so it pulled down the metadata, and suddenly renamed all the episodes from the filename to the incorrect episode names it had pulled from the net.

James, thank you for the update I was requesting. Fast and brilliant customer service. It was a really nice add to reward early adopter of this software, by giving them free update on Infuse 2. I have one other reason to keep recommend your product to my friends. Great marketing and cust service, it is very rare when you can give such a credit like this to a company these days.  

Thanks for your detailed feeback. We’ll take a look and see what we can do.

Thanks for your kind words. :slight_smile:

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