Feature request: show episode titles in playlists in grid view

I’ve made playlists of “top” episodes I want to access easily from TV shows, for example:

But as you can see, when I view the playlist, I don’t have any idea which episode is actually which, because there’s no title and no episode still – just the show title and the season/episode number.

Now on my Mac I can switch to list view and it solves the problem completely:

However, I watch everything on my Apple TV which only supports grid view. There is no list view, so I have no idea which is which.

Ideally, I’d love all playlists on Apple TV to always and only show up in list view, with the horizontal backdrop images. (But without changing collections, that should always remain in the user-friendly grid view.)

But since that’s probably tons of work (and I’m not sure it’s “consistent” with the Apple TV UI), it would be a fantastic intermediate solution to change the two-line description below each card in grid view to show and give priority to the episode title. To change from e.g.:

Star Trek
S1 - E14

to e.g.:

Balance of Terror
S1 - E14 (Star Trek)

Since the name of the episode is most helpful, then the season/episode (to understand if one comes before another), and then only last the name of the program, since that’s usually already obvious from the graphic and therefore redundant.

Thank you!

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