Some suggestions after 1 day

Yesterday, I installed infuse. Really nice software with good usability and a nice design. Nevertheless I got some suggestions to make infuse even better

  1. would be really nice if infuse auto select my next episode when I open a tv show.
    E.g. I have watched all episodes of S01 and S02E03 was my last watched episode. Now infuse should auto select S02 and when I open this session it should auto select E04. It’s an import feature : )

  2. add descriptions if necessary. In Settings are for example some yes/no - options which are not always clear of their meaning. On the left side of Settings is a lot space where you could place some short descriptions for each option.

  3. add some small media info logos which could be recognized by the media file (e.g. MKV): 1080p, DTS, and so on.

  1. make more flexible the conditions a episode is set as watched. I mostly stop the playback as soon as the closing credits start. This seems to early for infuse. Maybe just decrease the condition to 90% or so

Especially on suggestion 4.
But the percentage should be incremented with a multiplyer if the time is more then 120 minutes I think.

+1 for 1 and 4