A few requests/ideas

Hello everybody,

Here are two things i’d like to see in a future version… one is about ease of “use”, the other one is a personal preference (which i seem to be the only one with). They’re not important at all, infuse is a terrific app as it is but :

  • after viewing an episode, would it be possible to have infuse automatically selecting the next one ?
  • would it be possible to have an option to sort tv shows/movies by their name without any “re-work” on them (for example, having “The americans” sorted with other tv shows starting by “T”) ?

Thank you for your answer/feedback.


EDIT : oups… a third one… a search engine… something like this : when you’re at the top of the list, go up again > search bar & keyboard > start typing & bam, the filter kicks in

Agree with your first point, it seems extremely stupid that it automatically jumps to latest viewed episode (let’s say episode 17) but when I then want to watch the next episode and press down once, it jumps to episode 4 or something there about…
At least let it go down to the episode just watched, if not on to the next episode…

Same with subtitles, why when there isn’t any available do I still have to press down past none available to get to the “Download Subs” option - Why not jump directly to this as the default when there are no local subs?

The software is still new, but there are a lot of clicks to be saved, by simply re-thinking the UI to suit binge watching and frequent use cases such as downloading subs…
Let’s be honest, most of us who use this software consume quite a lot of media - So let’s get the flow of the software to match…


It seems the developers are too busy creating the app than trying to use it like the majority of their customer base will. neither good or bad.