Infuse 7.6 - Aliyun Drive

The latest version of Infuse is here with some great new additions!

Stream from Aliyun Drive(阿里云盘)

Direct support for Aliyun Drive is now available in Infuse! Aliyun Drive is a popular cloud service available in China, and allows for accessing movies, TV shows, and other videos via a fast, native connection directly on your favorite devices. This new feature is available to all Pro users, and includes support for files stored in both private(备份盘)and shared(资源库)cloud disk folders.

Note: Streaming from Aliyun Drive is available on all platforms (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac), but connections to cloud services need to be set up on iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Once this is done on a single device, the connection will then sync to other devices via iCloud.

Other tuneups and fixes, with more to come

A handful of other improvements are included so be sure to check out the full list of what’s new.

Release Notes




  • Fixed black screen for certain HEVC videos
  • Fixed audio sync for certain files
  • Fixed minor issues with merged genres
  • Fixed auto-closing of trailer playback window
  • Fixed filtering of iTunes videos
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

We’re also working on some great new things for iOS/tvOS 17 (and beyond!) so keep an eye on this thread for updates.


We always love hearing your comments, feedback, and suggestions — so please feel free to continue the conversation below.

Thanks for using Infuse! :orange_heart:


Thanks for the update!

I’m curious, how does Infuse handle such cloud storage APIs. Are they ever called if not explicitly used? And is the implementation first party or through a third party library? I figure there shouldn’t be any need to call to any of third party servers, unless configured to do so by the user.

For all cloud connections (Aliyun Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc…) Infuse uses the native APIs provided by the service to connect directly to the cloud servers for the service you are using. All connections are fully secure, and there are no 3rd-party servers or libraries used.

One footnote here relates to iCloud, as your connection details will sync to/from iCloud (assuming iCloud Sync is enabled in Infuse) to make setup easier, and to allow for devices like the Apple TV to access cloud services. However, this connection is also secure both in-transit and on the server, and not accessible by us or any other 3rd parties.

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Thank you for the information (and the fantastic application!). I’m glad to hear that it’s a first party, direct implementation, great stuff! However, I was more so curious about if Infuse contacts these services even if the user doesn’t use them (e.g. some kind of health check or the like).

Thanks for the update.

Was subtitle rendering changed? A few days ago subtitles suddenly started to appear above the image, usually they were below.

I checked the settings, and it was on default position.

Sorry, I guess I misread your question.

Connections to these services are only made if/when you choose to log in and use them.

EG If you choose to connect to Google Drive, Infuse would talk to Google Drive servers only, and would not make any connections to Dropbox, Aliyun Drive, pCloud, etc…

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No changes to subtitles here, but if you noticed it happening a few days ago it’s probably not related to this update.

Support for position tags was added in 7.5.3 so perhaps it’s possible these particular subtitles include these special tags?

The mini-series look great now. :+1:

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Thank you for this Upgrade

Aliyun Drive is so helpful

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great upgrade for me :heart:
thumbs up for your team :+1:

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There seems to be one issue.
Many Chinese Users are using two apple id on Apple tv,one is China Account(can’t use atv+,netflex or other apps,but Homekit and iCloud are based on this China account),another is foreign Account( Like American account,Hongkong account, to use more service and apps include Infuse).
Which means AppleTV iCloud Account is different from Infuse subscribe account.
So I used another iPhone with American Apple id to add Aliyun Drive,and change the atv default account into American Account,so my infuse can sync AliyunDrive via iCloud.
But…atv with an American Account as default causes many problems…
such as can’t use Homepods as default stream( Cause homepod belongs to China Account, apple tv now belongs to American Account,they are not in a same Home)
if there’s better way to add AliyunDrive like QrCode Scan?

Unfortunately, the Apple TV does not feature a web browser which is required to log into individual cloud services. This means cloud services can only be added on iPhone, iPad, or Mac and will then sync to the Apple TV via iCloud. In order for this to happen, you would need to use the same iCloud account on all devices. Some general info on iCloud Sync in Infuse can be found here

However, Apple does allow you to use different Apple IDs for iCloud and the App Store on the same device which may allow you to achieve what you are after.

Also, you should be able to switch the main iCloud account on the Apple TV after the Aliyun Drive has synced over from iPhone/iPad/Mac. The one downside here is that if the Aliyun Drive account is accidentally removed from the Apple TV, you would need to switch the account back in order to re-add it.

Additionally, purchases can also be shared between Apple IDs (and App Store regions) by logging into the same Trakt account on all devices. More info on the steps for doing this can be found in this guide.

I’ve been a long-time user of an older version of Infuse and recently upgraded to version 7 to utilize the new AliyunDrive support. While comparing the performance of AliyunDrive and OneDrive, I’ve noticed that AliyunDrive lags significantly, especially when loading video lists and adjusting the scrollbar during video playback. Is this an issue you’re actively working on, or are there any settings that I can adjust on my end to enhance the experience?

Much appreciated.

Speeds from cloud services can vary based on variety of factors including network speed, ISP, location, VPN, etc…

You can use the speed test feature in Infuse to test the speeds available from different services, which should allow you to see which works best for your needs.

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will do!
thanks James. :+1:

“After running some tests, I’ve found, for me, videos in the shared section (资源库) load much faster than those in the private section (备份盘). I’m extremely satisfied with the current speed. Kudos to the AliyunDrive supporting—absolutely love it!”

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