Trailers not exiting after play when selected from Poster

When you long press on the movie (or TV series) poster to get the options screen with trailers on it and play a trailer from there, the trailer ends but stays at a black screen. It doesn’t return to the movie posters screen until you click the menu button.

This is on Infuse 7.5.8 Pro

Does an Apple TV restart help?

No difference, just retried it and it does the same.

Just check all ATVs and this occurs on multiple ATV HDs and ATV 4Ks. All fail to return to the poster screen until you click the menu button.

If trailers are turned on the trailers exit fine from the pre-playback screen but still stall out when selecting from a poster.

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@james do you need any diagnostics codes or can you duplicate this?

Yeah I can confirm this.

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This issue should be resolved in the 7.6 update.

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Works great! Thanks for the fix! :+1:

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