Native Cloud Feature

You guys might be working on this feature but I have a minor suggestion. Infuse needs its own native cloud service especially for Pro account users…let’s say you have video stored on your computer in Infuse but don’t have those same files on another device such as an iPad/iPhone, I may start watching something at home on my computer and decide to leave the house but want to continue watching while on the go we have to place that same video on our iPad/iPhone to continue watching or route it through another cloud service I noticed some of the stuff I have loaded on my Google Drive can be buggy while trying to stream.

This is a nice idea, but one that will likely never happen. Plex tried this and pulled the plug entirely shortly thereafter. Maybe try other cloud storage providers to see if that improves your performance. The fact that this is even an option makes Infuse indispensable for me, as my entire library is on the cloud. I have had a great experience with Onedrive, Google and Mega. I think integration of more clouds, or even something like S3 bucket support is the closest you are going to get here. I recommend trying the free tiers of the providers Infuse works with and see how you fare, then commit to the one that works best.