What can infuse 2 do versus other players?

I heard it got for example hardware decoding. But its kinda vague for me since its only for some file formats? And isnt hardware decoding forbidden from apple? Also would i even notice a difference on a iphone 5s and ipad air wich already are blazing fast? It would be for streaming local stored files to the apple tv.
Also, are there other nifty features other players in the app store don’t have?


Infuse 2 can natively airplay MKV, AVI files. As far as I know, other apps can’t do that.

Hardware decoding, Wi-Fi uploads, network streaming and a number of other features are included, but the biggest things Infuse does that other players don’t are:

  1. Robust AirPlay (for MKV and other non-Apple formats)
  2. Automatic movie and tv show artwork downloads and organization
  3. Subtitle downloads from OpenSubtitles

All of these are presented in a highly polished package, that you just won’t find with any other player on the App Store.