Jellyfin behind HAProxy doesn't work


I have a Jellyfin server which I can connect to if running behind Caddy or nginx but Infuse refuse to connect when I configure haproxy in front. Please note that the Jellyfin application, Kodi and the Jellyfin web all work fine with this configuration but Infuse plain refuse to connect to the server. I’ve uploaded my logs through the app but haven’t got a reply yet. Also how can I look at those logs ??

Thanks in advance.


I found the issue. It seems like the request “GET /System/Info/Public” is setting the host as the IP address of my server instead of the hostname (which is correctly set when doing “POST /Users/AuthenticateByName”). Since my HAproxy didn’t have a default_backend set this request wasn’t going Jellyfin. If I set Jellyfin as my default_backend it works. Please fix this in the next release.

Thanks for the info.

We can look into this.

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Having the same issue. Any timeline on this one?