Infuse 7.5.9 now available

Infuse 7.5.9 is now available! :raised_hands:




  • Infuse and Jellyfin not syncing properly
  • Fixed Play/Loop/Shuffle for Collections (tvOS)
  • Fixed jittery playback with specific videos (macOS)
  • Fixed watch statuses for TV shows when browsing Emby, Jellyfin, Plex directly
  • Fixed genres for Emby TV shows
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

I think the miniseries functionality may need some work - it flagged Top Gear (34 seasons) and Mytbusters (17 seasons) as mini series for me


Thanks for the report.

In addition to items with a type set as ‘Miniseries’ it will currently also pull in items which have a type of ‘Documentary’ set on TMDB. It seems this may be a bit too broad, and will be adjusted in the next update.


Does it also use episode length to make the decision?

Can’t see why the series “Jonathan Creek” have been made a mini-series.

Up until June 13th this year it was classified as a “Documentary” and if your metadata was fetched before then you may have to refresh it by doing an edit metadata and re-select the correct series.

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It does not consider episode length, only the series ‘type’ tag from TMDB (or media server).

I think you are right that my metadata was from when it was incorrectly classified as a documentary. No idea how anyone could have considered it a documentary.


I updated infuse on my appletv and I don’t see anything about miniseries anywhere, am I missing something here? How does it work?

The Miniseries section can be found in Library > TV Shows.

Got it! Thank you


Since the update on the iOS devices (7.5.9), iCloud sync isn’t working with atv 4k 1st gen (7.5.6).

Could the différents versions be at the source of the problem?

I’m expecting to have the update tonight (Western Europe).

Yup, this could be the problem. :wink:

Yes, 7.5.9 has library related changes so it will not sync with older versions.


Hi James, I think over here might be better place for my questions related to this update. If I am duplicating please remove my comments on those other posts!

Q1. Chernobyl is tagged as Miniseries on TMDB but why is it still showing as “1 Season” in grid view under “Miniseries” and “All TV Shows” library tab?

Q2. Display custom TV season looks clean! So helpful for anime watcher!

BUT can you also add this ability where if I click on an anime I actually see the posters of the Seasons/Arcs like you can see here in Demon Slayer (i edited this)

Right now when I click “Demon Slayer” under “All TV Shows” this is how it looks

A post was merged into an existing topic: Multiple versions of a TV series

After I downloaded the video to my phone, the software suddenly flashed and could not enter, not only the new version has such a problem, but also the beta version

Do you notice if this happens with all videos, or just one particular video?

If you are able to send in a report from your device that may help track down what is going on.

This is actually a season count, and not a name. For example, it’s possible for a miniseries to have a ‘specials’ season, so you may see something like ‘2 Seasons’.


By default, seasons are grouped under a single item so you won’t see the actual season posters. Many series don’t have season-specific posters anyways, so it’s not a big loss.

If you prefer to see these, you may consider switching to List View.

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@James any chance of reviewing priority of fixing duplicate entries when downloading shows please, it has been in pending for a little while now.

Thank you for any consideration and time you can spare.