Couple more Jellyfin + Infuse bugs

Hey there again!

1 - If the user on the Jellyfin box does not have “can manage this server” checked (aka – admin) infuse will have incorrect episode counts for the TV shows. I see a loss of about 1200 of them, flip admin back on, clear metadata and scan, and they’re all back. Looking at the Jellyfin logs, it seems that Infuse wants the virtual folders endpoint, which you can’t access without admin rights.

2 - The infuse-sync plugin for Jellyfin. For some reason Infuse continually tries to install that on my box. The problem being when that plugin is installed, Infuse doesn’t actually see any new content or updates! Not sure if it’s my setup, as it’s behind a reverse proxy, but I tried it directly and noticed the same behavior. Removing the plugin allows Infuse to correctly see the new content, at least until the plugin magically reinstalls itself. Which is what prompted the removal of admin for bug 1 :laughing:


  • Brandon

We have a number of improvements in this area coming soon in the 6.4.7 update. :slight_smile:

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Sweet! Once that drops I’ll report back.

Thanks James!

Hey James,

So it seems my issues with infuse-sync on the Jellyfin box continue. If it’s installed, it does not see any new tv shows/movies/etc. As soon as I remove it and restart the jellyfin box, it resumes seeing the new media. This is on 6.4.7 with infuse-sync 1.2.0