Hide season number for Miniseries

I would like my single season/miniseries shows to omit “Season 1” when viewing the episodes and “1 Season” when in Grid View. I know it’s just an aesthetic thing so I try to not let it bother me too much.

I use Plex to manage my library and have Infuse plugged into the server. There’s a setting in Plex to hide the season count per show and removes it from the UI. It’s what I use to display miniseries properly flattened in Plex but I don’t believe that is supported in Infuse.


If you view that mini-series in the Infuse library, does that look like what you’re asking for?

I know when browsing favorites when you click a tv show you first get the seasons screen and you have to click on the season to get to the episodes even if it’s only a single season mini-series.

This is the same miniseries in both Plex and Infuse. I have it set to flatten within Plex which is reflected in that app. What I would like is that Infuse removes mentions of seasons (highlighted) when it doesn’t apply.


Okay, so what you’re asking for is if the show is a mini-series it will say “Episodes” over the episodes and if it’s a recurring show it would say “Season 1” correct?


Yes, exactly. And grid view should omit season counts completely if they only ran for one season.


Oh, you were talking about a bit of text; not an actual page with a poster icon labeled “Season 1” (as previously show in the folders view).

Never mind my previous suggestion.

I think this is different than what the OP in the original thread was looking for, so I’ve moved your posts into a new thread in the suggestions area.

I like the idea BTW. :slight_smile:

Also, this thread has a related feature.


Thank you!

And then also please hide the Text „Season 1“ under TV-Show Items which are added to the Homescreen :wink::+1:

Great it’s in progress :smiley: :+1: :tada:

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Maybe instead of “Season 1” it could actually say “Mini-Series”. I think that info is available through the API.


No, the Poster and the Title under the Poster is enough Info. You see in the Library that this is a Mini-Series… (Or maybe a new Category „Mini-Series“ in the Library?)

And under a TV-Show is also just the Name+Season Number and not the Word „TV-Show“ :wink::+1:

Take a deep breath and relax, it’s just a personal preference that it be labeled as a mini-series instead of season number. That’s what I’d like to see without having to justify it. :wink:

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Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

Today’s 7.5.9 update adds a handful of improvements for miniseries.

  1. New Miniseries category in the Library
  2. Display custom season name from TMDB (EG Miniseries instead of Season 1)
  3. Hide season number in the title for series tagged as ‘Miniseries’ on TMDB

Thanks for the update!

I am assuming this is native and doesn’t work when using a Plex server?

It will work for media servers, but relies on a series being properly tagged a miniseries (or documentary).

Also, it doesn’t (yet) support things that are tagged in languages other than English.

For direct shares, it should work in all cases as TMDB doesn’t rely on translations for this tag.


Excellent! I can confirm it works great with my Plex server. I just had to manually apply the “Mini-Series” tag to a few shows.

I love how the season names I customized are now appearing in Infuse. Great stuff!


Hi James, Chernobyl is tagged as Miniseries on TMDB but why is it still showing as “1 Season” in grid view under “Miniseries” and “All TV Shows” library tab?

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