Duplicate Series (when downloaded) - Plex

I have Infuse Pro hooked to my Plex Server. When I download (sync) a TV Series it creates a duplicate series in the (all) section, one with the complete series from my Plex, and the second one just those that were downloaded. If I go into the series that is complete (from Plex) nothing shows in the sync section.

Is this expected behavior?

iPhone X/Infuse Pro 5.9.5

Edit: Also, this then causes issues with watch status not updating the Plex Server with what has been watched or the progress of whatever you are currently watching.


Sorry for the trouble.

This is a quirk we are aware of, and hope to improve in an upcoming version.

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Thanks for the reply! No trouble, at most an annoyance. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing some wrong, and if it was a bug that it was brought up.

When v6 is out I’ll be upgrading! Thanks again!

Sure was hoping for a fix to this in v6… hope it and Plex Collections are coming soon!

I too am a little disappointed that this was not addressed in v6. Hopefully soon.

Any update on this issue?

hi @james hoping this behaviour fix that duplicates show entries when showing all shows. It would be really nice if the shows just had one entry, and you could see with an indicator if something is downloaded. Thanks for the consideration of this feature and for the fantastic app :slight_smile:

Any update on this issue? 2 years later and I’m still seeing the same behaviour.

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or if a quicker fix could be made to not show (or selectively not show) downloaded content on the home page. Thanks for the consideration, I download quite a bit of content, to my home screen is a total mess due to this duplication.

Hi @james, sorry to hassle you over this feature, any chance this might get a look in sometime soon? Thanks for the consideration.

Can’t blame a guy for asking (I hope) if this is ever going to be possible. It’s the one thing…please :slight_smile:

Note that this thread is tagged “pending”. I’d take that as a good indicator.

You can see what the tags mean here.

Thanks for the reply, just wasn’t sure how much of an indicator tags are, now I know.


Shame this feature hasn’t been prioritised, as it really ruins the inFuse client as I use downloaded content exclusively. Plex client has made a little bit of progress in this area and actually offers a better overall solution, I’ll pick-up my inFuse subscription again once this feature is available.

Just downloaded Infuse again to test if this feature had been added so I can re-subscribe, sadly not.

I’m a little confused as to why this isn’t a big deal for many users, is it that people don’t really use download to watch content?

Each show I download is then listed twice in the show view, and it doesn’t even tell you what one is local and what one is remote. Understand that I can see on the Sync’d tab what is local, but it still ruins the “all view”.

I spend long periods of time away from home, mobile broadband is expensive and sometimes non reliable for good HD content, hence my preference is to download as much as possible to watch locally.

Please can this be reviewed for prioritisation, understand the need to keep rolling with new features and bug fixes but this would be a wonderful step forward if possible. A simple tactical/quick fix could be to rename the All tab to Stream, not include any local content in that view, possibly rename the sync’d tab to Downloaded.

Appreciate the consideration.

I’m glad to see this is still in pending and hopefully will see some progress at some point.

@James any chance this feature can be re-evaluated in the backlog?

I really have no idea of what is entailed in this but I wonder if it may be addressed as part of the new Plex version of Infuse version.

@NC_Bullseye fingers crossed, thanks for the reply.

Here is a screen shot of the type of issue the duplication causes, makes Infuse almost un-usable. This is just capturing three shows that I’ve downloaded.

I would love to see this fixed as well! This also creates an issue on the Home Screen. Depending on whether I was playing the downloaded or streamed version (from Plex), I can have the exact same episode twice in the top continue playing bar. So I have to remember to always find the downloaded version when I start playing a tv series.