Duplicate Series (when downloaded) - Plex

I have Infuse Pro hooked to my Plex Server. When I download (sync) a TV Series it creates a duplicate series in the (all) section, one with the complete series from my Plex, and the second one just those that were downloaded. If I go into the series that is complete (from Plex) nothing shows in the sync section.

Is this expected behavior?

iPhone X/Infuse Pro 5.9.5

Edit: Also, this then causes issues with watch status not updating the Plex Server with what has been watched or the progress of whatever you are currently watching.

Sorry for the trouble.

This is a quirk we are aware of, and hope to improve in an upcoming version.

Thanks for the reply! No trouble, at most an annoyance. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing some wrong, and if it was a bug that it was brought up.

When v6 is out I’ll be upgrading! Thanks again!

Sure was hoping for a fix to this in v6… hope it and Plex Collections are coming soon!

I too am a little disappointed that this was not addressed in v6. Hopefully soon.

Any update on this issue?