Use season names from TMDB

As Infuse 7.1 started using TMDB as metadata’s source I think the custom names for seasons would be nice addition to our library. Currently we have “Special”, “Season 1”, “Season 2” etc. when some series have those seasons named.



Wanting this for Demon Slayer as well

Screen Shot 2023-04-28 at 9.04.48 am


Good idea!

Off the top of my head:
The first 39 seasons of Survivor (US)
Starz’s Spartacus
HBO’s Westworld

and a whole bunch of others I can’t remember because my brain has locked up.

I wanted to ask if it is possible to show the season title and poster like in plex. See screenshot
Is this possible?

There’s a thread here requesting Infuse support TMDB’s season titles.

To view season posters you need to use the folder browser (and have your episodes arranged in season folders) since the library now flattens series for more efficient access to episodes across seasons.

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I really need this.

I know this thingy doesn’t make any sense for English content, but for most other languages, they don’t name it as seasons.

Think about the James Bond movie. If someone says James Bond Season 17, does it mean anything to you?


That’s how it feels for TVs that are not named by seasons.

In practice, for a historical documentary, season 17 may be a time period. No one cares about the fact it’s the 17th time period, only the name of that time period.

This has been added in today’s 7.5.9 update. :slight_smile:

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Hi James awesome looks clean! So helpful for anime watcher!

BUT can you also add this ability where if I click on an anime I actually see the posters of the Seasons/Arcs like you can see here in Demon Slayer (i edited this)

Right now when I click “Demon Slayer” under “All TV Shows” this is how it looks

I dont see the season/arcs poster. Its like this for all tv shows. I really enjoy each seasons poster please fix this

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How does this new feature work?

Season posters are no longer displayed in the Library for any TV series since TV series were flattened and with the introduction of the improved episode details page where all episodes of a series can now be accessed by toggling between seasons via the new season selector bar.

Season posters are still visible if you browse your library by folders.

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