Very slow playback resuming on Mac

Hello, I’m using Infuse very frequently on a MacBook Air M2 and I’ve been getting a serious problem: After playing some video in Infuse for a period of time, let’s say 2 hours, when I pause and resume it, it suddenly takes a very long time to play again (~20 second). Moreover if I restart Infuse, the problem is still there, but if I log out or restart the Mac, the problem disappears. But then after playing video for 2 more hours, it happens again. This annoys me very much and I’m not sure anyone else has got the sample problem. Please help me to fix it, thank you!


Where are you streaming from, a local video on that mac or from a local network server, or from a cloud service?

I’m streaming from 2 sources only: local SSD in that Mac and 2 other external portable SSDs (Sandisk brand) - which are connected to that Mac all the time.

Maybe the external drives are going to sleep? Or maybe your computer is? Are you using SMB?

this is something I’ve been reporting over and over again, somehow the devs aren’t able to fix that, this happens only on the Mac version, the iOS/iPadOS versions are free from this defect… we’re getting the spinning rainbow cursor for several seconds like the app is stuck. The problem is only related to the Mac version, comes and goes depending on Infuse version… it’s not the disks in NAS (as it doesn’t happen on iOS). The app is great, but this is very disappointing.

No, it’s only Mac App related, VLC has no issues in this regard, the iOS Infuse app doesn’t exhibit the same behavior at all.

Not sure what do you mean by going to sleep, but I don’t think it’s related to my problem anyway. And I’m streaming directly from SSDs only, not using any network, cloud, server or whatever.

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Thanks bro you say my thought well :slight_smile:
Hope devs can find some root cause soon and fix this annoying problem.

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Just curious, is this only happening when on battery only? Does having the battery charger connected while playing make any difference?

Always, for me at least, doesn’t matter the power source :wink:

I’m trying to duplicate this and not having much luck. How long are you watching before you see this delay in pause / restart occur?

Also, you both may want to try the update to 7.6.1 since it did have fixes for some other playback issues. No guarantees but it’s worth a shot.

Updating on the problem: Having upgraded to Mac OS Sonoma and newest version of Infuse, the problem still happens but maybe after a longer period of playback. Now I carefully counted the interval between 2 back-to-back occasions it happened: roughly 8.5 hours. And it happened whether my Mac was on battery or not.
Btw I recorded my screen when it happened, you may want to see it: Infuse - Google Drive