Stuttering playback on Mac

On a 2020 MacBook Pro with latest Ventura and latest Infuse for Mac, playing movie files off my router-connected hard drive results in stuttering playback. Not buffering but every few seconds a tiny freeze in the video (not the sound).

This happens with all videos - even very small files. My local network is plenty fast enough.

When I open the same files in the Finder over the network using VLC, they play fine with no stuttering.

Can you do a speed test in Infuse for one of the files and post the results and screen cap the graph?

That sounds like frame skipping. Does the same thing happen when the files are on your local hard drive?

This is a file that was stuttering in Infuse but doesn’t when opened from the same location using VLC. This behaviour is quite recent by the way - maybe introduced with the last couple of updates of Infuse?

No, and it doesn’t happen when loading the same files in Infuse on Apple TV. That’s connected by ethernet to the router but my Mac is on wifi - but as I say, no problems when wirelessly streaming the files into VLC.

UPDATE: this only happens when Infuse is in its floating app window - it stops when I make the app full screen. Then returns when I come out of full screen.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? It’s still happening.

Does it make any difference if the charger is attached or if strictly on battery?

Hi. I tested this and no, it happens both on mains power and on battery.

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I get this on my 2018 MBP 15 as well.

The issue is not network performance, but decoding performance even when dedicated graphics card is enabled.

I only get this problem for 4K HDR remux movies.

When I play the same movies on my M2 iPad Pro 12.9, it works perfectly, except the heat…

We have a number of changes in this area available today for beta testing.

Please drop me a PM if you are interested in testing.

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This has been fixed in today’s 7.5.6 update.

Thanks for your patience.

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