Infuse playback freezing

Hi, I noticed, for a long time now, that when starting playback or resuming from pause or even skipping forward or back the player freezes with the rainbow cursor, this happens when playing content from Jellyfin media server (upgraded to latest, but happened also on the previous versions)
When I use HTTP Jellyfin acces or Jellyfin app this doesn’t happen.
In infuse I need to wait, sometimes even 10 seconds before it resumes
Video content is stored on NAS with an SSD disk, NAS is used only for Media storage, nothing else, I’m getting 500-700Mbit/s read speeds from NAS, so it’s not a network/NAS issue.

MacOS 12.5
M1 MacBook Pro 16GB

Diagnostics: HCB78

Happens to me too quite often.

macOS 12.4, Mac mini m1

When NAS share is mounted via SMB, playback of files works fine with IINA.

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