Up Next Watched Issue

Hi James,

I’m using the latest version of Infuse Pro tvOS and the preview scrubbing is a great update. All the recent Infuse updates have been excellent, and it’s my go to video app for many years now.

Wanted to mention a potential settings issue that I’ve noticed. When I go to the “Up Next Watched” video, Infuse automatically selects the very last numeric episode of the season instead of the most recently watched. I was pretty sure it used to go correctly to the most recently watched episode, but I may haven to remembered correctly. Is there a setting that I can set it to go to most recently viewed episode instead of the last numeric episode in the folder?

I was unable to find anything in settings to change this, so wondering if it was something that changed in one of the recent version updates. Thought I’d bring this up since I prefer to have it go to the most recently watched episode instead of the latest episode to avoid seeing title names and images for the latest episode that may contain some spoilers. Thanks for doing such a great job on this app, and any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

FYI, I noticed the issue I mentioned in my first msg is not only happening in Up Next Watched, but also happening when I access the TV show from the library.

Okay nevermind. I figured out what the issue was, the file name format for the last episode in the season had a slight variation causing Infuse to keep going to it. I fixed the file name and now it goes to the most recently viewed episode.

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