TV Show episode sorting issue

Hello, just installed Infuse and am using a Plex server for my movies and TV shows and I came across a little issue that I hope someone has an answer. I have a TV show that contains 5 seasons and when I go into a couple of the different seasons, I noticed that the shows don’t start with episode 1, but episode 21 for one season and episode 13 for another. I scrolled back to the first episode, backed out and when I went back in the season, it was back to episode 21. I checked my other TV shows and most were starting with episode 1, but did find other shows doing the same. Any ideas?

One possible reason for this is Infuse will automatically select the first unwatched episode in a season.

So, for example, if you have one season that is fully unwatched Infuse would select episode 1. In another season, if you have watched episodes 1-10, Infuse would automatically select episode 11.

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