tvOS infuse keeps replaying the same episodes

I’ve restarted the app and apple tv twice, unsure whats causing this as it never happened before.

Using an ATV4k 3rd gen, plex libraries.


How are you navigating to the episode that is repeating? From the recently added list, from the library under TV shows, etc. Also when you’re on the preplayback screen, for that episode if you scroll down that page to the bottom is the next episode showing at the bottom?

Lastly, what do you have for a setting under General > Auto-Select Next?


Using the “watching” or by searching for it since it auto deleted the 4k version from watching and keeps the 1080p version,i dont understand the second question? If i scroll down i see all the episodes available (which also sometimes scrolls to the end for no reason and i have to quit and reopen to choose an episode). Auto-select next is on, i havent touched or changed any of the settings in a while now. Thank you!

I should note it doesnt happen with all shows, just a select few. I have to either scroll all the way to the end to force it into the next episode or exit and manually select the next episode.

I had ended up one time with episodes that got marked as watched when I hadn’t. (Fat thumbs on tiny remote and late nite all contributed I’m sure) and it would always jump to the last episode in the list until I realized they were already marked as watched. That’s what I was getting at.

Sorry to confuse.

I dont see any other replies so i dont know what you mean, thats fine its just yhe replaying issue thats buggin me rn haha ty!

hello , same problem on ipadOS, even when choosing “next episode” at the end of reading, it replays the same episode, it doesn’t do it every time. maybe there is a bug?

Are you seeing an incorrect episode selected in the UI (EG you are on episode 3, but Infuse auto-highlights episode 1).

Or, do you see details for a particular episode, select play, and then a different episode is played (EG details for episode 3 are displayed, but clicking play is selecting episode 1).

Are you using the latest 7.6 version of Infuse?

What version of tvOS?

Yes, I’m on the latest version, I have the problem only on tvOS and iPadOS, when loading the next episode, it restarts the same episode with the right synopsis.

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Is this a problem with Plex? Because before I don’t use Plex

No, it just replays it as if i never watched it. Shows as unplayed when i back out to play the next episode. It wasnt happening for a little bit then started happening again. Using the latest software for both infuse and apple tv.

I just want to say the app still crashes every time i back out to go to settings or anything.

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I dont want to have to delete metadata, but idk, the app is becoming incredibly unresponsive. Clicking mark as watched or unwatched takes a solid 5-15 seconds, clicking back doesnt register for a while then registers a bunch. Any help would be appreciated.

Bump if im allowed to lol

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Next button replays the same episode even though there is a next episode. Also automatic playback to next episode does not work either. This is happening since last few days.
I have checked the auto play next episode as well.
Any thougths?


I moved your post to a currently running thread discussing this issue.

One of us, one of us! Sorry im just used to being alone with these kinds of issues haha.


it’s really strange, I’ve never had this problem before, does it have anything to do with IOS17?

Are you also using Plex, or are you seeing this with non-Plex connections?

Only with Plex

Can you send in a report (and post the 5 digit code here) if this happens again?

Here’s the code FPN18

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