I like the new Infuse 5, but

when I choose to use lists instead of cover pages to see movies, TV series, and series episodes… they are listed in descending order… I’d prefer ascending so that Episode 1 (for example) is first, not last. Have I missed a setting somewhere? I’ve looked but cant find one.


Is that happening on all of your TV series or only select ones?

All of mine start with episode 1 at the top and list them in order going down the screen when in list version.

Hi all,

Like NC Bullseye, I do not have this problem…

See you

Damn. All TV Series are affected. The Seasons are listed in order, but the episodes start with the last. I’ll have to check it out again. There has to be a setting I missed.

You may check to see if the ‘Sort By’ option in settings is set to date. In this case, it would show the most recent videos on top.

Do you have ‘Sort Order’ set to ‘Release Date’ by any chance?

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Thanks, James and remotevisitor. I had it set to release date. All fixed and I am loving it.

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