I really dislike the new "recently added" behavior for episodes (version 7.5.9 atv)

Hi, guys,

I’m talking about the general “recently added” at the top of Infuse.

On the previous versions you would get what you expect, after you download a new “s01e12” episode, it show as its is on the recently added and after you watch it, Infuse mark the episode as watched and IT CONTINUE AS IT IS (“s01e12”) on the recently added of Infuse. If you click on the episode, you have access to the others as well, that all was just fine and didn’t needed any changes, but…

On the new 7.5.9 version, while the new episode “s01e12” is unwatched, all work as I described above, but as soon as you watch it, Infuse now put the “s01e01” (or the oldest episode you have for the season, like “s01e06”, which doesn’t make any sense at all) on the recently added, I think the intention was to put the SEASON as recently added after the episode is watched, but the current implementation is so confuse that I spent at least one hour changing things thinking what broke the sort order of my recently added, because all my episodes were watched, Plex sort was fine and only when I marked one episode as unwatched I could finally understand how bad is the current implementation for recently added episodes on the new version of Infuse.

Please, reconsider the change or at least put the “SEASON X” as title on the recently added after the episode is watched and not the oldest episode title of a season, which is really uncalled for.

Thanks for the attention.

What do you have for Settings > General > “Up Next List” ?

My Up Nex List is on and I don’t think my issue is related to that setting at all.

It’s really easy to reproduce, just watch any recently added episode that is not the first of the season and you will see the behavior I described. If your recent episodes are watched, just note how your recently added is showing the first/oldest episode of each season.

Just trying to understand what you had for settings.