Tethered boot question

When trying to boot tethered on 5.2.1 does seas0npass have to go through the jailbreaking process in order to create the ipsw etc before the boot tethered option works? Because I have tried on a secondary laptop and it refuses to give me the option to boot it.

No you don’t.

You do not say which version of Seas0nPass you are running?  Is it an old version which was perhaps developed for an untethered jailbreak in which case the Boot Tethered option may never appear.

Switch off any anti-virus too.

i am having the same problem. i have down loaded the latest software from firecore. tried to run it on my laptop. disabled my virus protector. but when i came to the tether boot option it wasnt highlighted it was still gray. i tried it on my sisters laptop and it still didnt work. can any one help with what the problem is. im running this on windows. thanks 

After asking in an IRC I found out that you need to run Seas0npass on each PC to create a settings.xml in Roaming. This will finally allow you to run boot tethered. Previously it would be greyed out. You do not have to have seas0npass jailbreak it again, just so that it creates the custom ipsw, then stop the itunes install and boot tethered. This doesn’t apply if you’re using the same computer that you used to jailbreak the atv.

Thanks for your input.

When you say run Seas0nPass on each PC, how does this work?

If an Apple TV was not jailbroken on PC trying to run Tethered Boot, how would a Settings.xml be created in User Account / Roaming folder on said PC? Can you expand on this for the benefit of others?

Run seas0npass and allow it to create the 5.2.1 custom Ipsw. Then cancel it from restoring in iTunes. Relaunch seas0npass and now you will have the ability to boot tethered.

What about if you just copy/paste settings.xml?

Yes that should work as well.