Tethered boot after PC change not possible

Hi all,


I have a very, very interesting issue:


I jailbreaked the AppleTV 2 from my friend on my Laptop (Win7 32bit). It downloaded AppleTV2,1_5.0_9B206f_SP_Restore.ipsw and all went fine. I started Seas0nPass.exe and was able to boot tethered and connect it via HDMI to my LED TV and all was perfect.


Now I went yesterday to my friend, connect the ATV to his Laptop (Win7 32bit) and downloaded Seas0nPass and this downloaded again AppleTV2,1_5.0_9B206f_SP_Restore.ipsw to his Laptop. Then it tried to break the ATV again and I thought, fine, this must be a normal behaviour. I went through all the steps successfully again and now, when I try to boot tetherd, I receive a message all time: The firmware is untethered and does not require this process!


Now I connected the ATV again to my Laptop and there it works fine. I also copied all files from C:\Users\myuser\Documents\Seas0nPass to his Laptop, without any success. All files are the same, iTunes version is the same, but it will work only on my Laptop, not on his.


What might could be the problem? I hope someone could help me




SeasonPass has just been updated to support an untethered jailbreak.    Therefore when you went to your friends and downloaded the latest SeasonPass it would have got the new version.   You probably want to re-jailbreak your friends ATV2 with this latest SeasonPass so that he does not need to do a tethered boot.

It should work from any computer/laptop which has been used to jailbreak any ATV2 … I think it creates some files in the process that are needed for the tethered boot, so you need to go through the jailbreak process for that laptop to have those files (you can stop it before iTunes does the restore so it won’t actually jailbreak the ATV2)