Tethered Boot with computer that was not used for original jailbreak

I have two ATV’s, one I will be giving to my daughter.  At the moment I can only do the tethered boot using the macbook that I originally used for the jailbreak.  Is there a process to be able to have her do the tethered boot using her computer?  I’m not sure how to go about this.  I have tried using her computer with Seas0npass, it goes through the DFU portion and then says it’s ok to unplug USB but then still has flashing light on the ATV and does not funtion when connected to the TV.  When I then try it again using the macbook that the Jailbreak was completed on originally it boots up no problem.  I hope this is all making sense.



Just to clarify when you boot the device on your daughters computer it does have power correct?

Is her computer running Windows or OSX?

You should only be required to copy the IPSW from the Documents\Seas0nPass folder to the other computer so Seas0nPass can boot the device.


Thanks Matty,


Her computer is also a Macbook.


I tried doing the power both connected and USB only


However I think I missed copying the IPSW over to the other computer I’ll give that a shot this evening



to be clear, where exactly should that file be found on the Macbook?




Sorry I am not an OSX person myself. However in your Documents folder there should be a folder labeled Seas0nPass.

Alternatively you can download Seas0nPass on her computer click Create IPSW and when it asks for the Apple TV just close it and she will have the IPSW for doing the tethered jailbreak.

I’ll give it a shot  Thanks!