Just purchased an ATV 2 running 6.1.4

Hi, as you can see rom the above. I was sold it on the basis that it was jailborken via your latest version off Seas0nPass and as soon as I got it, all i would have to simply do is boot it boot the ATV2 tethered with Seas0nPass, however Seas0nPass doesn’t give me the option to just Boot Tethered. I’ve tried placing it into DFU mode first which isn’t helping. All Seas0nPass will let me do is Create an ISPW in prep for a restore or jailbreak, which i really dont want o do of course - Are unless it wants a copy of 6.1.4 to carry out a tethered boot???


Any idea’s here? Are there other jailbreak utilities out there like Redsn0w or Sn00wbreeze that will allow me to preform a tethered boot.


The face of the the Boot Tethered option is greyed out on Seas0nPass and can’t be pressed is starting to worry me. Could it be the unit, which i doubt as i saw it running tethered round my mates house a few days ago?


Please help - Plus I’ve been looking for a laptop/computer to run Seas0npass because the keyboard on my laptop isn’t working correctly and i’ve just got my hands on a laptop for a few hours?


Thanks in Advance for you help.

Seller should have told you this:

  1. Run latest seasonpass on computer you intend to tether your device with. * note: Make sure the computer is next to TV in which you want to hook it up to because tethered jailbreak requires that the unit not be unpugged after tethering)

  2. Click the create ipsw icon, select 5.3 then let it download 5.3

  3. Once downloaded and ipsw created stop all further processes. i.e. don’t let itunes update it

  4. Now you should have the tether boot option in seasonpass. (you may have to close then reopen saesonpass)