Swipe down Audio Track

Hello - When in a movie and swipe down, the audio track show incorrectly when compared to the coverart page of the movie. I know I’m only backing up the HD audio track so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any ideas?

Could you post a mediainfo output for the video file? I just looked on mine (I only have iOS right now since all my Apple TV’s are packed up) but like you I only keep the lossless audio tracks and I only see one track on iOS for the two movies I tested.

Sorry…not sure how to get that information. The file resides on a Linux box.

Interesting…I browsed thru my catalog and only the DTS-MA titles are incorrect. TrueHD is fine and displays up properly

What flavor Linux? You should be able to just install it, it’s a standard package (i.e. ‘sudo apt install mediainfo’). The website will have specific information for your distro, though. MediaInfo

Thanks for the help… here’s the info…

Can you check to ensure you are running 5.7? This is related to a quirk introduced in 5.6.11, but was resolved in yesterday’s 5.7 release.

You can view the installed version by scrolling to the bottom of Settings.

If you see from the mediainfo output there’s definitely 2 audio tracks in your video file. The other could be a commentary track possibly? You could use something like mkvtoolnix to remove it.

Updated to the latest version… all is good…thx

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